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Photoheterotrophs usage organic compounds as their carbon source, photoautotrophs usage carbon dioxide together their carbon source.

If cells room grown in media include amino acids labeled with radioactive nitrogen, most of radioactivity will be discovered in the cells

In one hospital, Pseudomonas aeruginosa contaminated patients. What was the source of the infections?

Assume you inoculated 100 cells right into 100ml the nutrient broth. You climate inoculated 100 cells of the same varieties into 200 ml that nutrient broth. After incubation because that 4 hours...

An experiment started with 4 cells and ended v 128 cells. How countless generations walk the cells walk through?

Three cells with generation times of 60 minutes are inoculated right into a society medium. How plenty of cells are there ~ 5 hours?

The chromosomes room attached to different parts of cabinet membrane, i beg your pardon elongates and thus off the chromosomes.

No time is required. They are prepared to divide automatically after DNA replication and also separation the the daughter cells is finish if conditions are right.

Microbes have very narrow optimum temperature ranges. I m sorry of the complying with classifications of microbes room most likely to reason human disease, based upon temp needs ?

Which level that biosafety is appropriate for handling organisms that present a moderate risk of infection?

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