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Verb His surname was underlined in the book. The accident underlines our require for much better safety procedures.
Recent instances on the Web: Verb and now, at the Walton family Foundation, our top priorities underline my suggest as well. — Fortune, 8 Oct. 2021 The two various other archetypes underline that individuals’ approach to resources is not static, but evolves end time. — Hec Paris Insights, Forbes, 10 Sep. 2021 Justin Mankin, the lead author and also an assistant professor of geography at Dartmouth College, claimed the task force’s result underline the prominence of preparing for an ext frequent and an ext intense droughts favor this one. — Ian James, Los Angeles Times, 21 Sep. 2021 if pledging adherence to the Paris covenant on climate change, Russian officials regularly underline the vital role played by the country"s forests in slowing down global warming. — Alexander Ivanov and Daria Litvinova, Star Tribune, 27 July 2021 The most concrete outcome of yet an additional Trump abuse of power scandal might be come underline the truism about American democracy revealed again and again by among the most corrupt managements in history. — Stephen Collinson, CNN, 11 June 2021 Using research study to underline a company’s value proposition is a typical trend. — Leela Srinivasan, Forbes, 21 Apr. 2021 To more underline this, look in ~ Dr. Jill Biden’s history-making, headline-grabbing go back to work. — Liz Elting, Forbes, 9 Sep. 2021 With 4 Olympic yellow medals to she name, Williams is fast to underline the prestige of self-care in the face of the high pressure that comes with being a consistent champion. — Cassandra Pintro, Vogue, 5 Aug. 2021 Recent instances on the Web: Noun Experts and also advocates speak the question marks staying in the Indianapolis case underline what may be boundaries to Indiana’s pistol policy. — Washington Post, 19 Apr. 2021 however last month’s abandonment that plans for a Time Out industry in its home city London and also a succeeding cash call underline how difficult the media group’s culinary destination arm has been hit. — note Faithfull, Forbes, 6 Apr. 2021 that double-underlines and triple-circles, in red ink, the most pressing require for this group: someone who have the right to score consistently beyond the Marchand-Bergeron-David Pastrnak trio. —, 14 Dec. 2019 together a quick scene-setting prologue showing financial institutions watching children playing football underlines, ability on the football field has constantly signified freedom to him, the feeling that nothing could fence the in or keep him down. — Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times, 8 Aug. 2019 together a brief scene-setting prologue showing banks watching youngsters playing soccer underlines, ability on the football field has constantly signified freedom to him, the feeling that nothing can fence him in or save him down. — San Diego Union-Tribune, 8 Aug. 2019 Hoover remembers his wife maintained meticulous occupational notes filled v highlights and also underlines. — Elvia Malagón,, 6 July 2019 but the trio of artists at Wednesday’s fund-raiser underline Taylor’s interest in blues and folk artists and also jazz. — Jeremy D. Goodwin,, 13 June 2019 The publications are significant with underlines and check in Wharton’s hand. — Milwaukee journal Sentinel, 4 July 2018

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