Most life on planet depends on the atmosphere, a balloon of gases approximately our planet. This bubble, extending around 430 miles (700 km) right into space, protects us from meteorites and also warms Earth?s surface. It contains the OZONE LAYER, i m sorry shields united state from the Sun?s harmful rays.

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Earth?s atmosphere consists of five main layers?the troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, and exosphere. The key gases in the atmosphere are nitrogen (78 percent) and also oxygen (21 percent). There are also little amounts that argon, carbon dioxide, and also water vapor.

Atmospheric (air) pressure is the force created by air together it pushes against its surroundings. This force is end 14 lb per sq in (1 kg every sq cm). We cannot feel it, however, since the wait presses same from every directions, and our body fluids push outward. Air press is best at sea level and also decreases with altitude.

Extending about 7 mile (12 km) right into space, the troposphere consists of 75 percent that the air and water in the atmosphere.

Lying 7?30 miles (12?50 km) above Earth?s surface, the stratosphere is a patience layer above the winds and also weather. The lower stratosphere has the ozone layer.

The mesosphere is 30?50 mile (50?80 km) above Earth?s surface. Meteors (fragments the rock and dust indigenous space) burn up here, developing shooting stars.

The thermosphere extends 50?280 miles (80?450 km) into an are and contains the ionosphere, a layer of electrically fee particles indigenous which radio tide for interactions can it is in bounced earlier to Earth.

Situated 280?560 mile (450?900 km) over Earth?s surface, the exosphere is the atmosphere?s external layer, top top the leaf of space.

A class of ozone gas in the stratosphere protects united state from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays in sunlight. UV rays can reason skin cancer, eye damage, and also other health troubles in humans and also animals. In the 1980s, scientists uncovered that the ozone class is acquiring thinner and that so-called ?holes? (areas containing much less ozone) were appearing over Antarctica and also the Arctic each spring.

Chemicals referred to as CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons), supplied in the manufacture of refrigerators and aerosol sprays, are resulting in the holes in the ozone layer. CFCs collection in the upper atmosphere, where they ruin ozone. During the 1990s, the holes steadily gained bigger. Most nations have now stopped using CFCs, which must prevent the damage from gaining worse. is certified through the kidSAFE Seal Program. To learn more, click the seal or go to is component of the Sandbox Learning household of educational and reference sites because that parents, teachers and students.

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