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Steel Is Heavier than Feathers describes a map out from Scottish map out comedy collection Limmy"s Show, in which the titular character poses the question, "What"s heavier? A kilogramme of stole or a kilogramme that feathers?" the then erroneously answers "That"s right, a kilogramme of steel. Due to the fact that steel is heavier than feathers." Other personalities interrupt the step to tell him he"s incorrect and that they sweet the same, bring about Limmy to look confused. The clip to be widely shared online and has to be parodied on YouTube and the shooting of Limmy"s puzzled face ended up being a reaction image.


The clip aired in series 3, illustration 3 that Limmy"s Show, which aired ~ above the BBC ~ above December 2nd, 2012. The clip was posted on November 27th, 2012 come YouTube by john Gillooley (shown below).<1>


The clip started seeing spread online in 2015. It was posted come FunnyJunk on may 22nd, 2015, where it got 2,722 likes.<2> In the thread because that the video, one of the more quickly screengrabs the Limmy"s challenge was posted, calling that "The face of a broken man" (shown below).


The video was post on 9gag ~ above September 7th, 2015 wherein it obtained over 754,000 views.<3> it was likewise posted to Reddit the day and also gained 218 points.<4> The image of Limmy"s face also became well-known on Tumblr, wherein it was supplied as a reaction picture to particular situations. For example, a write-up by tonberrycrunch making use of the image obtained over 18,000 notes (shown below, left). A article by yumikuri making use of the image gained over 173,000 notes (shown below, right).


On YouTube, several parodies and also edits that the sketch grew popular. For example, an modify posted through Yin Yarn making use of JoJo"s Bizarre Adventure personalities gained end 104,000 see (shown below, left). An modify posted by Fowben i m sorry distorted the characters gained 34,000 views (shown below, right).




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