A Sony-Philips Digital Interface sound port connects to an external home theater audio system, providing digital audio output and the best signal quality.

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VGA (Video Graphics Array)S-Video, DVI (Digital Video Interface), HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) and Display Port
A motherboard has expansion slots to be used by expansion cards. An expansion card, also called an adapter card, is a circuit board that provides more ports that those provid3ed by the mother boarad.
What should be the setting for a dual-voltage selector switch on a powersupply when using the computer in the United States?
Most power supplies have a dual-voltage selector switch on the back of the computer case where you can switch the input voltage to the power supply to 115 V used in the United States.
What unit of measure is used to describe the amount of work a surge suppressor can do before it stops protecting the circuit from an electrical surge?
Hot wires in home wiring are normally colored ___, and ground wires in computers are normally colored ___ .
A rectifier is a device that converts AC to CD, and an inverter is a device that converts DC to AC. A transformer is a device that changes the ratio of voltage to current. The power supply used in a computers is both a rectifier and a transformer.
A power supply receives 120 volts of ___ power from a wall outlet and converts it to 3.3, 5, and 12 volts of ____ power.
Power supplies and CRT monitors contain capacitors. A capacitor holds its charge even after the power is turned off and the device is unplugged.
Which two tools can a PC support technician use when taking apart a computer to best protect computer components against ESD?
The best way to guard against ESD is to use a ground bracelet together with a ground mat or wear antistatic gloves.
The POST (power-on self test) is a series of tests performed by the startup BIOS when you first turn on a computer. These tests determine if startup BIOS can communicate correctly with essential hardware components required for a successful boot.
1. System BIOS manages essential devices (such as keyboard, mouse, hard drive, and monitor) before the OS is launched.2. Start up BIOS is used to start the computer.3. BIOS setup or CMOS setup is used to change the motherboard configuration or settings.

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What is the best way to determine if a cable inside a computer is a data and instruction cable or a power cable?
When faster PCI express (PCIe) slots were added to motherboards, more power was required and a new ATX specification (ATX Version 2.2) allowed for a 24-pin P1 connector.
6-pin PCIe connector provides an extra +12 V for high-end video cards using PCI Express, Version 1 standard