Espeon and also Umbreon. The 2 Eeveelutions presented in Gen II. Both evolve as soon as leveled up through high friendship during a certain time, Espeon throughout the day and also Umbreon during the night. Yet which one perform you prefer? because that me it"s Umbreon, however I do like Espeon together well.

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Umbreon has actually a cooler concept, but I favor Espeon since you can actually damage opponents through it.
I choose both however I like Umbreon more. I similar to it"s design a bit more compared to Espeon, and also it"s shiny colour is superior.
so difficult to pick, i love both for this reason muchif I has actually to... Provide it slightly an ext to Espeon, love cat a bit an ext than foxesboth equally top favorite because that me great there to be an choice to choose both
Espeon is better, also though Flareon is the ideal eeveelution. Umbreon would have to be my least favorite, among the reasons being the a toxicity friend i had actually loved Umbreon. Likewise the Psychic kind is super cool.
another one in in which i refuse to choose either, because they"re both same likeable to deserve to blame the fact that Pokemon Colosseum to be such a huge component of mine childhood because that that.
I really prefer both Umbreon and Espeon a lot, however after some thinking I have concerned the conclusion that I favor Espeon.
I like Espeon’s sleek design, cry, attack orientation, high speed, and also hidden ability. The only thing Umbreon has actually over it, in mine opinion, is a much better shiny. Espeon is in my top 5 favorite Psychic species while Umbreon no in my top five favorite Dark types.Gif credit transaction goes come chipsprites top top tumblr. The looks best on a dark style.
I voted for Umbreon, purely based on looks. Ns love it’s architecture both normal and shiny yet if it to be purely for battle purposes, I’d probably pick Espeon.

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Tough difficult choice. I think I"ve gotta hand this one to Umbreon by simply a slight margin. As a child I know I wanted Espeon, and also wanted one in Gold, but my Eevee ended up evolving in ~ night and also I gained a look in ~ Umbreon and also immediately love it. If it could not struggle as difficult as Espeon i still discover how it looks really cool. However i tho love Espeon just as much and also picked for the services of the thread
Tough choice! i love both the them. They are few of the finest Gen 2 designs. Ns love Espeon"s style though. It was among the an initial really feminine Pokémon the was somewhat helpful in battle. I like the color and sleek design.