For company members and also their partners, spouses, and loved ones: use the complying with checklists prior to deployment to ensure you have completed paperwork needed throughout or ~ you/your business member deploys. There are separate checklists because that legal matters, family matters, personal property, jae won matters, and a family treatment plan:

Legal problem Checklist

Create a power of attorney (POA). Contact your base legal office for details on types of POAs and advice on i m sorry one you need to use. Produce and/or upgrade your will. Take into consideration establishing a joint bank account with your spouse so that bills deserve to be conveniently paid. Testimonial your existing life insurance coverage. Check your Servicemembers team Life insurance money (SGLI) beneficiaries space correct and also update if necessary.

Legal Documents Keep copies of the following papers (if applicable)together in a certain place:

Wills (for both business member and spouse) strength of attorney (POA) Insurance plans (including life, health, home, and also vehicle) Tax documents Court orders (e.g., boy support and also custody documents or divorce paperwork) Social protection cards bear certificates marital relationship license Passport Visas and also citizenship/naturalization paperwork automobile titles, registrations, and inspections Copy the your many recent LES household Matters Checklist upgrade your Emergency Data form with your family"s most current contact information. For sure ID cards room current and will not expire during deployment. Confirm all family members have actually all necessary TRICARE and Metlife (dental) information. Look into international calling plans. develop a list of vital phone numbers and email addresses for both the business member and family. Personal Property Checklist (if applicable) inform your master insurance if your house will it is in vacant throughout deployment. Educate your renters insurance if you space storing your belongings in a warehouse facility. Make certain you have actually the suitable household goods/personal residential property insurance. Know the location of your car title. Have an up-to-date vehicle registration and also proof that registration. Understand when your automobile will need its following inspection. Make certain the vehicle is in an excellent working order. If you own firearms, make certain they are registered with the appropriate authority and also that her spouse/family member is trained to operate them.

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Financial matters Checklist

Notify your credit card carriers that you will be deployed. Make sure your family members will have actually money available to them on a consistent basis. If you have a safe deposit box, make certain a family member has actually a key. Create a document of accounts through account information and also bill early out dates—store in a secure place. Set up automatipayments for bills (if desired) and make certain the credit cards you are using will certainly not expire throughout deployment. Create a perform of any kind of computer or banking passwords—store in a secure place. Make certain you know where to go if you need financial aid (e.g., Family organization Center, Command Ombudsman, Personnel support Detachment (PSD), or Navy marine Corps Relief Society). Understand the standing of her finances (including debts, income, etc.).

Family Care setup Checklist usage the adhering to checklist to build your family members care setup if you room a solitary parent or in the occasion that both parental or caregivers for minor children will deploy:

Assign a guardian because that your family members in a unique Power of attorney (POA) and confirm the guardian understands his or her responsibilities. Attain ID and also commissary cards. Come ensure health and wellness coverage for you and your children, register all dependent family members in Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting mechanism (DEERS), and check to make certain all id cards have actually not expired. Make certain Servicemembers group Life insurance (SGLI) is correct. Arrange for housing, food, transportation, and emergency needs. Educate caretakers of her financial matters. Arrange because that guardian come have access to important funds. Species for boy care, education, and also medical care. Arrange essential travel and also escort to transfer family members members come the brand-new guardian. Talk about these plans through your children.

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