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Multiple an option Questions for Weathering - chapter 5

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Which is more dense....water or steam?watersteamWhich is much more dense....water or ice?watericeWhich is more dense....ice or vapor?vaporiceIf the press increases, what wake up to the melting suggest of ice? increasesdecreasesstays the sameA assumed Question....When a human body of water begins to freeze, the ice "floats" quite than sinks. Imagine because that a minute that ice to be denser than water. Body of water would freeze native the bottom up. What influence on life could this have?What wake up to the boiling allude of water as the push decreases? increasesdecreasesstays the exact same On optimal of Mt. Everest the push is considerably less than 1 atm. If I could ever get to the optimal of Mt. Everest, I would be an extremely disappointed in the morning since the temperature of my boiling cup the coffee would be significantly less than 100 degrees C. In ~ 1 atmosphere total pressure water can not be heated over 100oC. At that temperature water is converted to vapor (vapor). According to the diagram, water have the right to be cook to higher temperatures by:increasing the pressuredecreasing the pressureincreasing the temperature return to the text
Mechanical weathering produce ___________. Clay mineralsquartzsmaller particlescalcium carbonateWhen liquid water freezes:it go not change in volumeit expands by 5% in volumeit broadens by 9% in volumeit decreases in volumeWhat is the term because that the general process by which rocks are damaged down in ~ the Earth"s surface?depositionerosionlithificationweatheringwhich the the following influence the price of weathering?the soil type and extentthe rock typethe climateall of these affect weathering ratesSoil is composed of ____________ .organic matter developed by organismsfragments of bedrockclay minerals created by the chemical alteration of bedrockall that theseIn which of he following climates will certainly chemical weathering be many rapid?hot and also dryhot and also humidcold and also drycold and humidWhich the the adhering to statements about weathering is false?rocks of various compositions weather at different ratesheat and also heavy rainfall increase the price of chemical weatheringthe existence of soil slows under the weathering the the basic bedrockthe longer a absent is exposed at the surface, the more weathered the becomesWhich that the adhering to minerals has a low solubility and therefore is the very least susceptible to chemistry weathering at the Earth"s surface?calciteplagioclasequartzolivineThe price of chemistry weathering is raised by acids.

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The most typical natural acid on the Earth"s surface ar is ________ . NitrichydrochloriccarbonicsulfuricCarbon dioxide makes up around _______ of the Earth"s atmosphere.0.l%1%10%25%Carbonic acid, the primary agent of chemical weathering is created by ________ .carbon dioxide dissolve in rainwaterplant rootsbacteria that feed on plant and animal remainsall that theseWhich of this is the very least likely to kind a clay mineral during weathering?feldsparquartzamphiboleolivineCaves are most lively to kind in i m sorry of the complying with rock types?granitelimestonebasaltsandstoneWhich of the procedures is not an example of chemistry weathering?dissolution of calcitebreakdown that feldspar to form claysplitting that a rock along a fracturerusting of a nailAs a rock breaks right into smaller pieces, the surface ar area come volume ratio ______ .increasesdecreasesstays the samecan rise or decrease depending on the size of the piecesThe physical and also chemical weathering that a granite will create ________ .ions liquified in rainwater and soil watermineral fragments and granite fragmentsclays and iron oxidesall of theseThe deep red shade of solis discovered in Georgia and other warm, humid areas in resulted in by ______ .reduced iron oxidesoxidized steel oxidesquartzfeldsparWhich that the following determinants would boost the rate of weathering?increasing rainfallincreasing temperatureincreasing organic activityall that theseThe major source of aluminum metal, _______, is a clay-rich ore written of aluminum hydroxide.hematitebauxitekaolinitemontmorilloniteFe3+ refers to ________.iron metalferrous ironferric ironhematiteWhich that the complying with minerals is most stable in ~ the Earth"s surface?hematitemicaolivinefeldsparA substance the releases hydrogen ion (H+) come a equipment is referred to as a(n) ______.oxidizerreduceracidpedalferWhat is the hatchet geologists use for the layer of loose, heterogeneous weathered product lying on top of the bedrock?humuslateriteregolithsoilWhich the the complying with farming methods helps to protect against the erosion that topsoil?plowing a field perpendicular come the edge linesplowing a ar parallel to the contour linesplowing a ar in the direction the the water drainsnone of these will aid prevent floor erosion.What is the name for soils that room rich in calciumlateritesevaporitespedocalspedalfersThe physical and also chemical weathering the a granite will create __________.ions liquified in rainwater and also soil watermineral fragments and also granite fragmentsclay minerals and iron oxidesall of theseIn the atmosphere, carbonic acid develops from the reaction that carbon dioxide and ______.fossil fuelsnitrogenoxygenwaterWhich that the following minerals discovered in a granite is not altered by chemistry weathering?biotitefeldsparmagnetitequartzWhich that the complying with minerals would certainly be most likely to form a clay mineral throughout chemical weathering?iron oxidemicacalcitequartzWhich that the following determinants would increase the chemical weathering rate?increasing rainfallincreasing temperatureincreasing organic activityall that theseWhich the the following conditions promotes sluggish chemical weathering?cold temperaturesthick soilshigh rainfallfracturingWhich of the following human tasks has result in enhanced rates that weathering?the relax of sulfur and also nitrogen oxides that reason acid rainthe physical fragmentation of rocks throughout construction and also miningboth A and also Bneither A no one BOne expects talus cones come be most abundant in areas:where numerous rainfall is accessible to dissolve limestonein tropical areas where thick soil and abundant vegetation occursin high mountains that have many days that sub-freezing temperaturesnone that the aboveExfoliation domes type from:frost wedgingpressure releasehydrolysisroot wedgingLaterite solis:are red in colorare developed in tropic climatesoften save high concentration of aluminumall the the aboveTry this fill-in-the blanks
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