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excerption \ ek-​ˈsərp-​shən

, eg-​ˈzərp-​ \ noun

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Synonyms: Noun

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Noun amongst the excerpts and Twitter feeds and also author interviews … there to be the actor will Smith praising The Alchemist as among his favorite books. — Gregory Cowles, New York Times book Review, 18 Oct. 2009 when his wife Martha died in 1782, the wrapped a lock of she hair with a scrap of record containing one excerpt indigenous the couple"s favourite novel, Laurence Sterne"s comic masterpiece, Tristram Shandy, and also stashed the token in his desk. — Walter Kim, Time, 5 July 2004 The exemplary number here is Norman Mailer, whose 1959 Advertisements because that Myself is the height of writerly chutzpah. The book, comprising excerpts indigenous his journalism and fiction, explanation of the agonies that went with to develop them and also obsessive evaluate of his reviewers, is so shameless it"s admirable. — Judith Shulevitz, New York Times publication Review, 17 June 2001 … I additionally keep a pad by the next of my bed for writing down great thoughts in ~ night without having to revolve on the light. In the morning, these great thoughts sound like excerpts native the Dead Sea Scrolls. — bill Cosby, Time Flies, (1987) 1988 She read an excerpt native the play. I"ve read only excerpts that Moby-Dick, never the whole book. Verb The fiction that the newspaper does publish is too frequently excerpted from novels or imminently forthcoming collections, making the magazine seem much more a flack because that publishers 보다 a site of editorial strength and vision. — Vince Passaro, Harper"s, august 1999 How conveniently does the network move? critical Friday reporter Michael Colton posted sophisticated Web parody that the forthcoming newspaper Talk, which is own by Miramax and helmed by previous New Yorker editor Tina Brown. In ~ hours, the site"s URL had actually ricocheted about in countless e-mails, and also the Drudge Report had excerpted the text. — Newsweek, 26 July 1999
Recent instances on the Web: Noun the was component of a lengthy excerpt published in Vanity fair on Monday. — Bryan Schott, The Salt Lake Tribune, 20 July 2021 In a book excerpt published in new York magazine that June, Carroll wrote that Trump had thrown she up versus the wall surface of a dressing room in ~ Bergdorf Goodman, an upscale department store in Manhattan, in so late 1995 or early on 1996. — BostonGlobe.com, 8 June 2021 joined for some selections by the percussionist Shayna Dunkelman, Attacca carry out propulsive arrangements of music by flying Lotus, and also an excerpt from Philip Glass’s string Quartet No. 3 — featured ~ above the group’s following Sony album, out in November. — New York Times, 31 Aug. 2021 In this chapter 1 excerpt, King talks about saving $8.29 come buy her first racket and how both siblings’ dreams came true. — Los Angeles Times, 14 Aug. 2021 listed below is an edited excerpt from our on-line discussion. — Christopher Marquis, Forbes, 14 June 2021 In an audio excerpt shared in the story, Richards made an important comments around a co-host because that both receiving unemployment benefits and giving a dollar come a woman in need. — Marianne Garvey, CNN, 19 Aug. 2021 The adhering to excerpt is adapted from The yellow Standard: Retrospect and also Prospect, by Peter C. Earle and William J. Luther, come be published by The American institute of financial Research on august 15, 2021. — wilhelm J. Luther, National Review, 16 Aug. 2021 an excerpt from Rodriguez’s talk was common by the school, and Nick Saban top top Sunday spoke around his guest speaker for the very first time. — Mike Rodak | Mrodak
al.com, al, 8 Aug. 2021 Recent instances on the Web: Verb In other words, Google"s copying of API password was yes sir in the same way that Data Sheet have the right to excerpt reporting from across the net without fear of getting sued. — Robert Hackett, Fortune, 6 Apr. 2021 This analysis was excerpted from the June 1 execution of CNN"s meanwhile in America, the daily email around US national politics for an international readers. — Stephen Collinson, CNN, 1 June 2020 listed below is the four-part Heritage plan for reopening part businesses, excerpted from the report:Businesses in counties v low incidences must be permitted to reopen. — Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner, 20 Apr. 2020 One story native the collection, excerpted in The White Review earlier this year, is said in the style of a mind surgeon’s FAQ for patients. — Dana Snitzky, Longreads, 19 Mar. 2020 The letter excerpted here are from a handful of detainees in ~ the Harris county Jail, the 2nd largest in the country and the website of a fast-moving outbreak that COVID-19. — Ian Macdougall, ProPublica, 1 may 2012 The group will distribute the tip excerpts that have showed up on the Internet. — Margaret Newkirk, Bloomberg.com, 8 may 2020 Below, excerpted from Lesser’s book, space her three optimal recommendations in the genre. — Paula L. Woods, Los Angeles Times, 1 might 2020 This story has been excerpted from Daniel Mason’s forthcoming collection, A it is registered of My i Upon the Earth. — Daniel Mason, The Atlantic, 6 Apr. 2020

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1627, in the meaning defined above


15th century, in the an interpretation defined at sense 1

History and Etymology because that excerpt

Verb and also Noun

Latin excerptus, past participle of excerpere, indigenous ex- + carpere come gather, pluck — more at harvest