Click come see complete answer. maintaining this in view, which event from the Odyssey ideal highlights the idea that the old Greeks significantly disliked greediness?

Trojan war

Furthermore, which worths of ancient Greeks are most emphasized in this excerpt? bravery and perseverance exercise and physical fitness hospitality and also friendliness freedom and democracy.

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People likewise ask, which aspects are ideal known for helping performers?

The elements that are best known for helping performers memorize an epos poem incorporate rhyme, rhythm, and repetition of particular words.

Why does the Cyclops invite Odysseus back to the island quizlet?

He realizes that Odysseus was destined to take it his eye.

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What walk Odysseus perform on the island of Cicones that best?

What walk Odysseus do on the island the Cicones the best reflects the properties of leadership? ~ he and also his males land top top the island and plunder because that goods, Odysseus regulates them to return quickly to the ship so castle can safely set sail. The evening once we pulled away from death.
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What walk Odysseus perform on the island of Cicones that best shows the trait of leadership?

After Odysseus and his guys land ~ above the island the Cicones, his men conveniently get lugged away with greed and start eating all in sight. Odysseus shows his leadership by convincing his guys to escape from the army that is easily approaching.
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Which is the finest paraphrase the this excerpt Odysseus is the boy of Laertes and also is extensively respected because that his cunning?

The best paraphrase is the very first one: "Odysseus is the child of Laertes and also is commonly respected for his cunning". It is worth assessing the meaning of particular words that assist us opt for that phrase and descard the others: "Formidable": leading to dread, fear, aprehension. So, men consider or think the him together dreadful.
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How walk Odysseus manipulate Calypso?

Odysseus claims that he wants to go back to Penelope since she is mortal, if Calypso is immortal. He is called the "strategist" due to the fact that he manages come manipulate Calypso. Odysseus leaves on a raft the he and also Calypso built. That sails on unstable seas for 20 days until he reaches Scheria.
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What walk the lose of Helios symbolize?

EXPLANATION: because that Odysseus and also his men, Helios, the sun symbolized light. So, the loss the Helios expected loss of irradiate from the world.
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What attributes of Odysseus is epic hero?

The characteristics of a common epic hero room strength, loyalty, courage, and also intelligence. In fact, the Macmillan thesaurus for Students specifies a hero as “one who is admired and looked as much as for valor, achievements, and noble qualities” (483). Odysseus fulfills all of the requirements for an epic hero and also more.
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What finest describes why Odysseus gave his wine to the Cyclops quizlet?

Odysseus is spiritual and that believes in the power of the gods. Read the excerpt native The Odyssey. What best describes why Odysseus gave his wine to the Cyclops? He wants to trick the Cyclops by gaining him drunk and also weakening him.
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What walk the Cyclops invite Odysseus ago to the island?

Cyclops and also Odysseus are characters in the book "The Odyssey." In the book, Odysseus took far the eye that the Cyclops ~ he gained him drunk top top wine. Cyclops invite Odysseus back come the same island, not to pains or death him, but to permit him understand that it to be Odysseus the was destined to take his eye from him.
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What can the reader predict about Odysseus and also Penelope"s future relationship?

From The Odyssey - Penelope, that can it is in predicted about Odysseus and Penelope"s future relationship that: They will resume your marriage, and they will happily rule together over their kingdom. Penelope made decision not to marry any type of of her suitors till she would do the interment shroud.
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How go Odysseus decision defy old Greek attitudes and also values?

Odysseus"s decision defies ancient Greek attitudes and also values that: A great leader has good self-control and also makes sound decisions. As soon as Odysseus and his men arrived on the eland that Cyclopes, Odysseus wanted to excavate the land and also know around Cyclopes.
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What excerpt from part 2 of the Odyssey ideal establishes Odysseus weakness?

The excerpt from part 2 the The Odyssey that best establishes Odysseus"s weakness is the heat " ns wished to view the caveman, what he had actually to offer—." expect this answers the question.

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What walk this illustration suggest around the main difficulty that Odysseus?

They longed to stay forever, forgetful of their homeland. What go this episode suggest about the type of problems Odysseus has with his men? This episode suggests that Odysseus" men don"t really listen come him most of the time and that castle don"t shot hard enough to do the stimulate they space asked.
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