Using usual laundry stains that coffee, make up and ketchup I collection out to discover which laundry detergent, Tide, obtain or Ultra wash Detergent operated the finest at clean white handkerchiefs.

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To recognize which to wash detergent functions the finest at removing common stains from cotton.


Tide DetergentGain DetergentUltra to wash DetergentKetchup to produce a carbohydrate stainLip Gloss to develop an oil stainCoffee to produce a bleachable stain10 White cotton Handkerchiefs½ cup measure up cup to measure up coffee1/8 cup measuring cup to measure up ketchupWetslicks #535 Lip GlossWashing MachineDryerPeople to check out the results


My name is MacKenzie. My mommy likes to perform laundry. Ns watch her execute laundry and she said me around stains. We talk about how to acquire stains out and she said, “Some detergents work better than others.”

I asked mine mom, “Which detergent works best?”
She said we must do a laundry Lab and find out.
My mother loves Tide.
I favor the odor of Gain.

My mom has actually a crate of soap the she supplies only when we are out of her favorite laundry detergent named Ultra wash Detergent.

My mom told me about different stains, bleachable (coffee), oil (lip gloss) and also carbohydrate (ketchup).

Main research Question

Which to wash Detergent works best: Tide, gain or Ultra laundry Detergent?

Additional research study Questions

Which laundry detergent works ideal at remove stains?What are stains?What type of stains go my family members have most?Will liquid detergents produce the exact same result?Would the results be various if ns used various temperatures the water?


I think the Ultra Laundry laundry detergent will work-related the best.

Terms and Concepts

I had to learn around the different categories of stains. I made decision carbohydrate, bleachable and oil since these room the most usual stains in mine family’s laundry.

Experimental Procedure


1.Label Handkerchiefs for each that the stain groups


Stain A-1Stain A-2Stain A-3
A=Coffee (bleachable stain)

Stain B-1Stain B-2Stain B3
B=Ketchup Stain (carbohydrate stain)

Stain C-1Stain C-2Stain C-3
C=Lip Gloss Stain (oil stain)
2. Label Laundry Detergents:
Ultra to wash Detergent=3
3. Take 3 glasses

4. Shake out handkerchief and place one handkerchief in each glass

5. To water ½ cup warm brewed coffee right into each glass

6. Bag handkerchief every the method into glass, making use of a spoon

7. Permit handkerchief soak in coffee for 5 minutes

8. Eliminate handkerchiefs native coffee and also wring out

9. Spread out out 3 handkerchiefs (Labeled B)

10. Measure up 1/8 cup ketchup and also pour ~ above Handkerchief B-1

11. Measure up 1/8 cup ketchup and also pour on handkerchief B-2

12. Measure up 1/8 cup ketchup and pour top top handkerchief B-3

13. Spread out ketchup end handkerchiefs

14. Permit Ketchup sit for 5-minutes

15. Take it handkerchiefs C-1, C-2 and C-3

16. Using Wetslicks #535 Lip Gloss, use to lips

17. Obstacle Lips together and also kiss handkerchief C-1 and also repeat ten times.

18. Using Wetslicks #535 lip gloss use to lips

19. Rub lips together and kiss handkerchief C-2; repeat 10 times

20. Making use of Wetslicks #535 lip gloss use to lips

21. Rub lips together and also kiss handkerchief C-3; repeat 10 times

22. Gather handkerchiefs A-1, B-1, and C-1

23. Place all #1 Handkerchiefs right into Washing Machine

24. Measure 1/3 cup of detergent #1 and also pour right into washing machine

25. Nearby lid to washing an equipment and usage “Soak” cycle

26. After 5-minutes of soaking, wash on heavy DUTY CYCLE, utilizing cold water

27. Move handkerchiefs come dryer

28. Dry for 30-minutes

29. Eliminate handkerchiefs indigenous dryer

30. Conference handkerchiefs A-2, B-2, and also C-2

31. Measure 1/3 Cup laundry detergent of #2

32. Add handkerchiefs A-2, B-2, C-2 to washing machine

33. Pour laundry detergent #2 into washing machine

34. Close lid to washing machine and use “Soak” cycle

35. After 5-minutes, to wash on heavy DUTY cycle

36.Transfer Handkerchiefs come dryer

37. Dry from 30-minutes

38. Eliminate handkerchiefs native dryer.

39. Conference handkerchiefs A-3, B-3, and C-3

40. Measure up 1/3 Cup detergent of #3

41. Add handkerchiefs A-3, B-3, C-3 to washing machine

42. Pour laundry detergent #3 right into washing machine

43. Close lid come washing machine and use “Soak” cycle

44. After ~ 5-minutes, to wash on hefty DUTY cycle

45. Transport Handkerchiefs to dryer

46. Dry from 30-minutes

47. Remove handkerchiefs from dryer.

48. Make a grid using the handkerchiefs:

Stains across

Detergents down

49. Questioning at the very least three civilization which handkerchief from each of the stain groups (carbohydrate, oil, bleachable) castle think is the cleanest.

50. Document their answers v a tick mark on the graph

51. Compare all answer by counting how plenty of tick marks space for the A-1, B-1, C-1

52. Compare all answers by counting how plenty of tick marks space for the A-2, B-2, C-2

53. To compare all answer by counting how numerous tick marks room for the A-3, B-3, C-3

54. Tally all mite marks for “A”

55. Tally all mite marks because that “B”

56. Tally all mite marks for “C”

57. The one that has the most tick point out is the laundry detergent that works the best.


More civilization thought the Ultra Laundry detergent made the handkerchiefs whiter and removed the stains best.


My theory was correct. Ultra Laundry laundry detergent was identified to be far better at working than birds or Gain.

Questions For further Research

I would choose to know if the outcomes would be the same if I offered a liquid laundry detergent.

I would prefer to recognize if the results would be the very same if i used various temperatures that water.

I would prefer to understand if they sort of cloth makes a various with the stain.


Thank you, mom for helping me and typing my scientific research project and for helping me through my board.

Thank you, Teacher, Mrs. Anderson and my class for help me reach a conclusion by poll on i beg your pardon handkerchief to be the cleanest.

Thank you to my brother, Li'l Man, because that helping me do the ketchup stains.

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My mom helped me learn around stains.
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