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Mediterranean climate, significant climate form of the Köppen category characterized through hot, dried summers and cool, wet winters and located between around 30° and 45° latitude north and also south of the Equator and on the western political parties of the continents. In the Köppen-Geiger-Pohl system, that is separated into the Csa and also Csb subtypes.

Poleward extension and also expansion that the subtropical anticyclone end the oceans bring subsiding air come the an ar in summer, v clear skies and high temperatures. Once the anticyclone moves Equator-ward in winter, that is replaced by traveling, frontal cyclones through their attendant precipitation. Yearly temperature varieties are usually smaller 보다 those found in naval west shore climates, since locations ~ above the western sides of continents room not fine positioned to obtain the coldest polar air, which creates over land quite than over the ocean. Mediterranean climates additionally tend to it is in drier than humid subtropical ones, through precipitation totals varying from 35 come 90 centimeter (14 to 35 inches); the lowest amounts occur in interior regions adjacent to the semiarid steppe climates.

The subtropical Mediterranean climate characterizes the coastlands of southerly Europe, being modified inland (for example,...

Some seaside locations (such as southerly California in the western joined States) exhibit fairly cool summer conditions and also frequent fogs where cold offshore currents prevail. Only in Europe, whereby the latitude for this climate form fortuitously corresponds to an ocean container (that of the Mediterranean Sea, indigenous which this climate derives its name), go this climate type extend eastward far from the coast for any far-reaching distance.

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classification of major climatic types according come the modified Köppen-Geiger plan letter symbol first second third criterion
1In the formulas above, r is average annual precipitation total (mm), and also t is average annual temperature (°C). All other temperatures are monthly way (°C), and also all various other precipitation quantities are median monthly totals (mm).
2Any climate the satisfies the criteria because that designation together a B type is classified together such, regardless of whether of its various other characteristics.
3The summer half of the year is characterized as the months April–September for the northern Hemisphere and October–March because that the southerly Hemisphere.
4Most modern climate schemes take into consideration the duty of altitude. The highland zone has been taken indigenous G.T. Trewartha, An introduction to Climate, fourth ed. (1968).
Data Sources: adapted from Howard J. Critchfield, basic Climatology, 4th ed. (1983), and also M.C. Peel, B.L. Finlayson, and also T.A. McMahon, "Updated world Map that the Köppen-Geiger Climate Classification," Hydrology and also Earth device Sciences, 11:1633–44 (2007).
A temperature that coolest month 18 °C or greater
f precipitation in driest month at least 60 mm
m precipitation in driest month less than 60 mm however equal come or higher than 100 – (r/25)1
w precipitation in driest month much less than 60 mm and less 보다 100 – (r/25)
B2 70% or much more of yearly precipitation drops in the summer half of the year and r less than 20t + 280, or 70% or more of annual precipitation drops in the winter fifty percent of the year and r much less than 20t, or neither fifty percent of the year has 70% or more of annual precipitation and r much less than 20t + 1403
W r is much less than one-half of the upper limit for group as a B form (see above)
S r is much less than the top limit for group as a B kind but is an ext than one-half of the amount
h t same to or better than 18 °C
k t less than 18 °C
C temperature the warmest month higher than or equal to 10 °C, and temperature the coldest month much less than 18 °C yet greater 보다 –3 °C
s precipitation in driest month that summer fifty percent of the year is less than 30 mm and less than one-third the the wettest month that the winter fifty percent
w precipitation in driest month of the winter half of the year much less than one-tenth of the quantity in the wettest month the the summer fifty percent
f precipitation much more evenly distributed throughout year; criteria for neither s no one w solve
a temperature that warmest month 22 °C or over
b temperature of each of four warmest months 10 °C or over but warmest month less than 22 °C
c temperature that one to 3 months 10 °C or above but warmest month less than 22 °C
D temperature of warmest month higher than or same to 10 °C, and temperature of coldest month –3 °C or reduced
s exact same as for type C
w very same as for form C
f very same as for kind C
a very same as for kind C
b very same as for type C
c same as for form C
d temperature of coldest month much less than –38 °C (d designation climate used rather of a, b, or c)
E temperature of warmest month less than 10 °C
T temperature the warmest month better than 0 °C however less 보다 10 °C
F temperature the warmest month 0 °C or below
H4 temperature and precipitation features highly dependency on properties of surrounding zones and also overall elevation—highland climates may take place at any type of latitude

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