I'm make the efforts to number out a scene because that a novel I'm functioning on, and also I can't yes, really think of any type of other avenue come ask the inquiry which wouldn't it is in wildly inappropriate. I tried googling, however understandably, didn't come throughout much. Help?


Not sure if this is what you're looking for however I expect it helps.

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For this come work, you desire to stab her character directly in a significant organ (which will certainly kill them) without resulting in trauma to muscle, fat and tissue, as these will cause a the majority of messy bleeding. The two obvious places because that this space through the eye come the brain, or v the ribs come the lungs.

The other suggest to keep in mind is the thinner and pointier the weapon, the smaller the enntrance gate wound. Definition less surface trauma that will bleed externally. Also, if you deserve to leave the weapon in your bad dead character, this will somewhat plug the wound and also contain rather a bit of bleeding.

The weapon can be precise anything, it sort of...shifts. However it's incredibly sharp. It can literally it is in a long, thin shaft/spike the extends. I was thinking maybe into the heart from under the sternum, more than likely only a little would bubble the end the small hole.

Using my wonderful movie understanding >> v the ago of the ribs, puncturing a lung. They'll choke together their lung fill through blood but it'll simply drizzle out of your mouth. I have no idea if that's exactly how it goes in reality.

I mean it counts on 3 things:

what sort of weapon that is (dagger, stiletto, sword, nail, etc.)

where you want to stab the character

if you want them to die as soon as possible, or if you simply don't want a mess

Do you want to stab the character in a specific spot ~ above the body, or are you just trying to find the point out that will certainly be much less bloody? I'd imagine the a stiletto or similar weapon would reason less blood, however I'm no expert. I'd likewise hazard a guess the the love or the brain (through the eye?) would be your finest bet, however again, I have actually no idea what I'm talk about.

r/WritersOfHorror might have much more suggestions for you. I don't recognize if there's a crime writing subcivicpride-kusatsu.net, however perhaps in search of one could help too?

Behind the ear is a soft spot. That is down towards the lobe that the ear. Location the suggest of a knife into this spot and also angle the blade towards the brain. Push in. Withdraw. Minimal bleeding.

It will aid if you use an actual stiletto. In other words the one with a triangular cross section, needle suggest and no cutting edges.

Perhaps in through the ear canal to the brain. I don't think there are any significant blood vessels, friend wiggle it approximately for scrambled brain, and also there is no obvious puncture wound.

Or, if castle sleep (sleeping, right) ~ above their back with the mouth open, in with the mouth v the height of the pallet into the brain, and also blood runs under their neck to the stomach. No entry wound.

Or, up with the nostril into the brain for the same reasons as the mouth. This should additionally creep the hell the end of your readers.

Lungs sound good, together most human being said, but "a little blood coming the end of the mouth" is quiet gorier 보다 a straight stab come the heart. Are you make the efforts to avoid gore or perform you want the stab come be surprise for various other reasons?

...what if OP is plan a murder and also wants to surreptitiously questioning how best to go it?

My finest guess would certainly be in the earlier of the neck wherein the spine connects to the brain stem. On ancient battlefields, i think this was designed in roman inn times (but don't quote me ~ above that), they would certainly use like a hammer and chisel to sever that connection. You know the idea of "breaking someone's neck" or phoney movie scenes wherein a guy twists someone else's head with a fast jerk and also they die? exact same principle. You can do this without even breaking the skin if you'd like. The junction is pretty close come the skin so i wouldn't suspect a most blood.

Unfortunately, every one of these suggestions of going right into the brain are muddled through hollywood. Ns actually study the human brain and I hate to call you the your brain is essentially suspended in an orb the blood so if you're walking to do a puncture wound right into the mind you space going come pierce this sphere and also create a little blood spout. Also, if you make a straightforward stab, unless you obtain REALLY yes, really lucky, friend aren't walking to kill someone with any kind that immediacy. Every one of the parts of the mind responsible for keeping us lively are located in the brain stem or the hindbrain and will literally proceed to save the body doing what it needs to perform (pumping blood, breathing, etc.) without frontal or medial mind areas, and also certainly there is no the temporal lobe, i beg your pardon is what you're walk to acquire stabbing by the ears.

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So for the many immediate fatality (this is instant), the is certain to kill, and likely to not reason a lot of bloodshed (other than the unavoidable blood the the skin splitting), i think the cerebral junction is your best bet.