How and where to find lockers and also places to save your luggage in Chicago 2021:

Don’t recognize where come leave your luggage in Chicago? You conserved all the sights you want to visit on her phone, looked up all the best restaurants and pubs, and also checked the end nightlife hotspots. However, nothing kills the excitement of a holiday than transporting your luggage v the entire city.

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No worries, is below to aid all end Chicago at well-known places favor Union Station, Wrigley Field, etc. With numerous locations roughly Chicago, conveniently near to all the key tourist attractions, is a quick, safe and also easy systems for storing her bags.

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Best rated in Chicago:

Use everywhere with the official app for iPhone and also Android.


Use a neighborhood shop (coffee shops, souvenir shops, restaurants, and stores) in Chicago to save your luggage for as low as . Luggage storage in Chicago has actually never to be so basic before!

Also, supplies only certified shops and also provides insurance and also security seals at over 30 different Luggage Storage places in Chicago.

Why is your ideal option

Easy, quick, budget-friendly

When utilizing in Chicago, you only pay $1/ hour, v a one-time taking care of fee that $2. No worries, we always keep your budget plan in psychic – you never pay much more than $5/day (handling dues included)The managing fee consists of security seals and also insurance v coverage of up to  for every bag. There are no other hidden fees.If you keep your luggage for number of days, you only pay a maximum of $5/bag ~ above the first day and only 5$/day afterward.You will only pay for the time you actually keep your luggage. Girlfriend don’t pay anything if you don’t display up for your booking.Book virtual or on our app and receive her directions.

Safety is our no. 1 priority

Don’t leaving your simply bags behind, but additionally your worries. Each item of luggage left in one of our locations in Chicago is insured for as much as per bag, the highest insurance coverage in the industry.More than that, we have actually designed a custom defense seal that provides sure no one has actually tampered through your belongings. Click right here to read about our specially designed protection seal, i beg your pardon is noted for totally free at all our locations.

Quality-checked companion locations

Luggage storage Chicago web page are situated inside currently businesses, consisting of retail outlets, hotels, cafes, and more. Further, all space vetted through’s local employee, who performs regular quality checks. Indeed, every piece of luggage is stored far from any kind of public accessibility and secured through a security seal every time.

Enjoy Chicago v no time limit

If anything, you need to be the ceo of your very own schedule if on vacation. This is why we have partnered increase with locations that space open roughly the clock so the you deserve to make the most of her visit without having to think of closing times.

Traveling through friends and also family make easy

Traveling v friends or family? climate don’t pass up the possibility to get a one-of-a-kind discount for storing 10 or much more pieces that luggage. Write united state a fast message and you’re all set to go.

Use our map to find the nearest certified shops

Click ~ above the icons to get an ext info ~ above locations, prices, and also insurance. The map consists of all places from™.

Luggage storage through

Featured in Lonely planet and brand-new York Times. uses storage choices in over 30 shops everywhere Chicago which method you have the right to stow away your belongings for hours or also days if you require to.

How come safely keep luggage throughout COVID-19 in Chicago

Remember come comply with the present COVID-19 guidelines and to make certain that you space being careful when storing your luggage in Lisbon. Also though it is typically safe to save luggage during a pandemic, girlfriend still should be cautious and aid avoid the spread out of the virus as lot as possible.


Why space you looking for luggage storage in Chicago?

Maybe you have to check out of her Airbnb apartment, rental place, or hotel and also your trip isn’t until tonight?

Or… You just arrived in Chicago, prepared to explore everything the city needs to offer, but your rental location isn’t prepared for you for 5 more hours? many travelers have actually been in similar situations and also experienced the battle of luggage very first hand.

Chicago package storage provides a range of possibilities and we have actually gathered every little thing into this overview to aid you.


Luggage storage alternatives in Chicago.

We’ve provided them below:

Other luggage storage providers in Chicago

You can uncover luggage storage in Chicago in various different luggage warehouse facilities. has a network of over ´30 areas all roughly Chicago. Usually, you have the right to leave your luggage in numerous different coffee shops, restaurants, cycle shops, souvenir shops, hotels, and also others. These include Union Station, the Greyhound bus station, Clark/lake, and Washington/Wabash station.

Here is a chart through the most generally used luggage storage carriers in Chicago


Airport Luggage warehouse in Chicago

Due to security regulations, no O’Hare Airport nor Midway international Airport supplies a left luggage or luggage storage service. This is the case in many American airports, therefore it’s ideal to execute a little bit of research on storage alternatives before you arrangement your expedition through the States.

Alternative: Luggage warehouse at museums and also galleries in Chicago

With many sights to see, Chicago has a an extremely rich and also diverse social life. However, it can be more difficult to gain it, if girlfriend suddenly find yourself unable to enter a ar you’ve to be dying come visit due to the fact that of your trolley.

We’ve made a fast list of all the key tourist attractions in Chicago and their locker instance so that you’re up-to-speed:

Art academy of Chicago – you can leave your belongings at the coat-check at the price of $1 every itemMuseum of Science and Industry – girlfriend can find the coat check in the Entry room (price: $3/ item); digital devices, an individual strollers, bicycles, scooters, and Segways can not be depositedWrigley Field – no storage options availableMillennium Park – no storage alternatives availableAdler Planetarium – friend can discover the coat check at the main box office (price: $3/ item, no dimension limitations)Field Museum of organic History – you can find the coat examine in the Stanley field Hall near the museum’s southern entrance (price: $3/ item)Lincoln Park Zoo – there room no storage options available, however you have the right to rent a wagon to more easily carry your bags around with youChicago cultural Center – no storage choices availableShedd Aquarium – girlfriend can find coin-operated lockers top top the premisesThe Chicago Theatre – there is a coat inspect for handbags and backpacks (price: $2/ item)Chicago history Museum – cost-free coat-check because that backpacks and little bagsAmerican writers Museum – castle don’t have actually lockers on site but staff might offer to save your bags during your visitRichard Gray Gallery – no details available


Great tip for just how to get yourself luggage warehouse in Chicago:

TIP: The need for luggage warehouse in Chicago is high and also therefore it can be tricky to find places where you deserve to store your belongings, but it is possible!Travel Hack: Walk right into a random hotel and also act together you are continuing to be there. Some hotels sell luggage storage for their guests and also sometimes also for people who room not remaining at the hotel, simply ask! and remember to provide a an excellent tip in case they want to store it.Leaving luggage at hotels: Most hotels execute offer to keep your bags because that a few hours before your check-in or after check out. Your best bet is to merely ask. If your hotel is a little out that the way from your sightseeing itinerary or means of transportation, you’d want to think about a luggage storage company that is an ext conveniently located.

All this companies have the right to offer you bag storage in Chicago- We’ve provided them below:

Chicago Union Station


If you have actually a precious Amtrak train ticket, you have the right to stow your bags with them for the price of $10 every item, every day. Non-customers can additionally take benefit of this left luggage storage, in ~ the price that $20 every item, per day.Additionally, if you space traveling native Chicago to another city in the US, girlfriend can make use of their confirm baggage service. Just leave her bags at the Amtrak counter and pick them up again at your destination.If finding your whereabouts in the transit station once traveling sounds like trying to navigate a labyrinth, inspect out this handy interactive map of Chicago Union station lockers and also luggage storage.

Opening hours: 07:00 – 21:00 (Monday – Sunday)

Chicago Bus Station


At this station, you deserve to store her belongings for approximately 24 hours at the price the $8/item.

Opening hours:12:00 – 23:59 (Monday – Sunday)

Safe Locker

Self-service lockers in Chicago come in two various sizes: tool (which prices $4.99 for up to 3 hrs or $9.99 for a complete day) or huge ($9.99 for as much as 3 hours or $14.99 for a complete day). Only credit card payments room possible. Usage this map to easily uncover luggage lockers in Chicago.

Opening hours:10:00 – 21:00 (Monday – Saturday)10:00 – 19:00 (Sunday)

Ogden Park

Wait right here Chicago

This company charges a daily flat dues of $17 for one bag (each added day gift an extra $7) or $7 per bag for 2 bags or more.Their weekly organization includes totally free pickup and also costs $45 for one bag or $35 every bag for two bags or more. Take note that for this 2nd option, the shuttle service is complimentary only during company hours and also does not use for destinations phibìc of the loop, suburbs or O’Hare.

Opening hours: 07:00 – 22:00 (Monday – Sunday; through appointment: also outside normal hours)

What more can offer?

Online customer business 24/7.Great prices and a user-friendly platform.No correct money is needed. All major credit cards room accepted.You will just pay for the time you actually keep your luggage. You nothing pay something if girlfriend don’t display up for her booking.Book online and receive her directions. No application download is needed.

The 4 an easy steps come leave her luggage with

When booking digital you are constantly guaranteed spaceStart the warehouse timer in your internet browser when getting here at the shop or usage the attach sent come you to access your booking page.Enjoy you yourself in Chicago!Pick up your luggage and stop the warehouse timer on your booking page.

Costs and also Discount Voucher

per hour + a one-time dealing with fee that – best for the very first 24 hours and $5 for each additional day including your totally free luggage storage insuranceWant come know more about get to recognize the principle by analysis this FAQ and also or read around the team behind the here.

Discount Vouchers – Click below to view if we have any available at the moment.

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For even much more comfort and also ease, you have the right to download ours bag storage application where you deserve to see every our locations about Chicago.