In the Pokémon series of games, Water Stones are valuable items that enable you to evolve specific water-type Pokémon. Usually, Water Stones (like various other elemental stones) are tough to come by — often, there are just a few in each game. In Pokémon Emerald, there space two means to get a Water Stone: you can trade a blue shard because that one at the sweetheart Hunter"s house or find one ~ above the abandoned ship.

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Getting a Water rock from the endowment Hunter

Get a Blue Shard. This technique uses the shard trader (also referred to as the Diving treasure Hunter) come exchange a blue shard because that a water stone. To begin, you require a blue shard. These semi-rare items can be discovered in several places, including:<1> Under rocks in various places when utilizing Dive to accessibility underwater paths (e.g., course 127, 128, etc.) Randomly after defeating wild ClamperlTalk to the sweetheart Hunter. The will offer to profession your blue shard because that a Water Stone. Accept the trade and also you will have a water stone!

Getting a Water rock on the exit Ship

Go come the abandoned Ship. Another method to uncover a Water stone doesn"t usage blue shards at all. Instead, this Water rock is found within the wrecked ship recognized as the S.S. Cactus. The delivery is situated on course 108 (in the bottom left corner of the people map.)<3>Enter the ship and also head come the deep-water section. When you come at the abandoned ship, use these directions to gain through the maze-like internal of the ship: Walk up the stairs and into the first door girlfriend see. Head up, then turn right and also go under the stairs in the top right. Head right down into the door directly listed below you. Walk up to the pool of water.Use Dive to go into the depth of the ship. As noted above, you"ll require a Pokémon through the moves Surf and also Dive to get through this upcoming section. Usage your Pokémon"s Surf relocate at the sheet of the pool of water to start swimming, then relocate down and also use Dive to take trip under the water to the next part of the ship.Proceed through the water and re-surface. Use these simple directions to get through the deep-water section of the boat: Head come the left and go v the door in the peak left that the hallway. Relocate forward a few spaces right into the room and re-surface.Grab the Water rock in the third door. As soon as you hop out of the water, walk to the right and enter the third door. In this room, you should see 2 item balls: one in the peak right and also one on the left. The one on the left consists of the Water Stone.

Using her Water Stone

The Water stone is used for evolving details water-type Pokémon — there is no it, this Pokémon won"t evolve, even if girlfriend level them increase constantly. See below for evolutions that call for the Water rock in Pokémon Emerald.<5>

Water stone Evolution Guide basic Pokémon Evolves to...

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Eevee Vaporeon
Shellder Cloyster
Staryu Starmie
Poliwhirl Poliwrath
Lombre Ludicolo


note that the Water rock is offered up when you evolve a Pokémon v it. Because they can be difficult to obtain, this way that you"ll desire to closely consider which Pokémon to use them on.