Route 16

Rare candy - West that the ruins is a bunch of tall grass. Use cut to clean the tree come the upper section. In the northeast edge is one item.

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Lum Berry - monitor the route as the winds south, and look because that the Lum Berry tree just off to the east.

Max potion - southern of the Lum Berry tree is a bunch of tall grass. Wade through and also kick away the sheet pile to disclose this.

TM97: Dark Pulse - ~ descending the an initial staircase, head north. Use reduced to clean the path, then usage Waterfall come ascend the adjacent waterfall. Monitor the present to with a hidden area of path 15. You"ll uncover this ~ above a ledge here.

Super pole - enter the Fishing Shack after the second staircase. Speak to the first fisherman to acquire this.

Dive ball - In the northwest corner of the docks alongside the Fishing Shack.

Fist bowl - Head south from the Fishing Shack. Use stamin to press the boulder the end of the method and with this.

Rare liquid - research the rock close to the Fist plate to achieve this.

Lost Hotel (Route 16 Entrance)

Dread plate - use Rock Smash to break v the left wall near the entrance and reveal this.

TM56: Fling - Head west until you view the roller skater. Talk to her to receive this.

Protector - In the northwest ar are numerous cracked walls. Use Rock Smash to break v the one top top the best to reach this.

Lysandre Labs

TM12: Taunt - after ~ battling Team Flare Aliana, head v the environment-friendly teleporter. Loss the Team Flare Grunt here, climate take the arrow pad east, climate south. Head west to uncover a room full of beds. Speak come the Team Flare Grunt in here to receive this.

Revive - between beds in the exact same room.

Black Glasses - after ~ battling Team Flare Celosia and Team Flare Bryony, exit the room. Step onto the arrow pad ~ above the much left to walk south. Follow this path without touching any kind of pads and use the teleporter. This are simply to the left of her arrival spot.

Rare liquid - defeat the Team Flare Grunt simply north the the black Glasses and also use the teleporter. Get in the room come the north to discover this in ~ the northern end of the chamber.

Hyper medicine - Teleport back to the ahead Team Flare Grunt, then usage the arrow pad pointing west. Action onto the arrow on the far right, then protect against onto the teleporter once you prevent moving. There"s an item in this small section.

Route 18

Hyper potion - Head south once the course splits come hop and also ledge and also find this.

Wacan Berry - There"s a tree just prior to the suspension bridge. Use cut to clear the way, then follow the route to the Wacan Berry tree.

PP up - Grind the rail beside the tree to reach this.

Max Ether - uncovered on a ledge close to the upper eastern entrance come Terminus Cave.

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X Defense - This lies close to where black Belt Yanis patrols under the train tracks, come the ideal of the lower Terminus cave entrance. You"ll should use rock Smash to get there.