New Delhi , may 31 (ANI): Rumours surrounding famous Canadian rapper Mr. Capone-E to it is in a Pakistani Hazara now seems to be confirmed.A video clip of the rapper surfaced online, whereby his picture was displayed with a Pakistani national flag in the background.A screenshot of the video clip was mutual by a Twitter user, called Sturgeon"s Law, which to be captioned, "Lol damn Mr. Capone-e has actually been passing together Chicano/Mexican this entirety time however is in reality a Pakistani Hazara."Lol cursed Mr. Capone-e has actually been passing as Chicano/Mexican this whole time however is in reality a Pakistani Hazara.

— Sturgeon's legislation (

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Sturgeons_Law) might 31, 2018The Hazara community are an ethnic team native come the an ar of Hazarajat in central Afghanistan, however their far-reaching minority lives in Pakistan.Further, it has actually been reported that Mr. Capone E was born in Pakistan come an country Hazara family. He and also his household moved come West Covina at very early age.Later he went top top to become a hip-hop musician together he videotaped songs, consisting of "Dedicated to the Oldies 2" and also "Still Connected"which ended up being popular.The video has garnered some responses as one of them wrote, " that don"t like having actually shades off, due to the fact that he watch Pakistani?." (ANI)


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