Hey! Listen!You cannot start the Biggoron knife trading sequence until after girlfriend have acquired the understand Sword and traveled 7 years into the future. Every action of this overview must be perfect while playing as an adult.

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1. Receive and hatch the bag Egg

Speak to the Cucco Lady in Kakariko town to get the bag Egg. Girlfriend can find her near the Cucco pen to the south of the well.

You cannot proceed the commerce sequence till the egg hatches. You deserve to either leaving Kakariko town and wait till the following morning, or you have the right to play the Sun’s tune twice to quickly pass the time. Once the next morning begins, the bag Egg will hatch to come to be the bag Cucco.

2. Use the bag Cucco to wake up up Talon

Enter the house at the basic of the stairs top top the north side of Kakariko village to find Talon resting in the earlier of the room. Use the pocket Cucco to wake up Talon, and also then return to the Cucco Lady.

3. Profession the pocket Cucco because that Cojiro

Give the pocket Cucco come the Cucco Lady, and she will give you Cojiro in return. Cojiro is a unique blue Cucco the belongs to the Cucco Lady’s brother. Her brother, the “young punk guy,” and also can be uncovered in the lost Woods.

4. Display Cojiro come the young punk guy

Enter the lost Woods and immediately rotate left to reach the area wherein you encounter a Skull Kid once playing as a child. The young punk guy is sitting against one that the stumps. Display him Cojiro and he will ask girlfriend to provide the weird Mushroom to Granny’s potion Shop in Kakariko Village. Conveniently leave the lost Woods, due to the fact that the following section has a time limit.

5. Deliver the odd Mushroom come Granny’s potion Shop

Deliver the strange Mushroom to Granny’s medicine Shop in northeast Kakariko Village. You have to hurry, together you have just 3 minutes before the odd Mushroom walk bad. Play a song to warp will not work; only one 2nd will continue to be on the timer as soon as you arrive. The fastest method to complete the expedition is to ride Epona native Kokiri woodland to Kakariko Village.

When you arrive in Kakariko Village, the easiest means to enter Granny’s medicine Shop is to go into the potion Shop near the door to death Mountain Trail and also exit through the ago door. Speak come the old hag inside Granny’s potion Shop to receive the odd Potion. Then, begin the trip back to the lost Woods to take the Odd medicine to the young punk guy.

6. Offer the Odd potion to Fado

When you go back to the lost Woods to supply the weird Potion, the young Kokiri girl Fado will certainly be there rather of the young punk guy. She will firmly insist that you return the Odd medicine to the forest because it to be made indigenous its mushrooms. In exchange she offers you the tool that the young punk man left behind; The Poacher’s Saw.

7. Offer the Poacher’s saw to Mutoh

Deliver the Poacher’s experienced to Mutoh in Gerudo Valley,which is accessed via west Hyrule Field. Girlfriend can uncover him to your appropriate as you overcome the gorge from east-to-west. Girlfriend will require the Longshot or Epona to acquire across. Mutoh is the leader the the carpenters, and he desires the Poacher’s Saw. In return, you acquire the weapon you seek – The Biggoron’s knife – At lengthy last…! And, the broken.

8. Show the damaged Goron’s knife to Biggoron

Show the broken Goron’s knife to Biggoron on height of fatality Mountain. When you climb death Mountain, girlfriend get another errand to run. Biggoron take away the damaged sword and also gives friend the Prescription.

9. Take the Prescription come King Zora

King Zora will be trapped in Red ice cream the an initial time you visit him together an adult. If you have not currently thawed the ice, you must collect Blue Fire, thaw the ice, and return to Zora’s Domain before you can continue.

Speak with King Zora, and show him the Prescription. Unfortunately, King Zora go not have the medicine you need; that only has the ingredients. King Zora will provide you the Eyeball Frog, however it will only stay fresh for 3 minutes. You need to travel easily to the Lakeside Laboratory.

10. Deliver the Eyeball Frog come the Lake Scientist

Hustle on end to the Lakeside Laboratory. You will have three minutes to make the delivery. Again, warping is not allowed, so call Epona and quickly ride come Lake Hylia. Once you arrive, enter the Lakeside Laboratory and give the Eyeball Frog to the Lake Scientist. He will then give you the World’s best Eye Drops.

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11. Sirloin the World’s best Eye Drops to Biggoron

Return come Biggoron atop death Mountain. And make haste! You will have 4 minutes to execute this. Again, you can not play warp songs, yet Epona is there because that you. Present Biggoron the World’s best Eye autumn to get the Claim inspect for the sword. That will begin fixing the blade and also tell you come return in a couple of days.

12. Collection the Biggoron’s Sword

Waiting three days, or play the Sun’s Song 6 times. Then, present Biggoron the Claim examine to obtain the Biggoron’s Sword!