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I have actually a confusion always , whether mounted programs space stored in tough disk or in lamb ?

Can anyone describe me ?



1) together an answer:

The programs are stored ~ above the decaying (or various other permanent storage. It does not have to be a disk, it have the right to be top top a network or any type of other place such together a ROM).

When you begin a regime the parts of the which are required are loaded into the main memory (the RAM). This go not even need to be the whole program, simply the pages necessary at the time.

And technically the programs do not even need to it is in in memory. E.g. At boots time a program referred to as the BIOS is executed with the CPU"s cache together storage. One of the an initial things that does it come configure the storage controller so that it has access to key memory. For an ext information around this exotic consumption see the coreboot BIOS routine which was defined nicely at FOSDEM 2010

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They are stored ~ above the Harddisk. If you use them, they will be loaded in the RAM.

Path in Windows: C:/Programm FilesLinux: /usr/share/applications/

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Generally, computer programs (including the computer operating system) and stored because that the lengthy term top top a persistent storage media, such as a magnetic hard drive, flash memory device, magnetic tape, or magnetic floppy disk.

This storage media is usually formatted using one of a variety of file systems, that provide for a logical way to save the binary representations of these records (the 1"s and 0"s) in a retrievable format.

The files on contained within this document system are usually located in some type of hierarchical directory tree structure so that documents can be conveniently located and also logically group together.

On a windows system, the application"s executable papers are generally kept (by default) in C:\Program records or C:\Program papers (x86), but this can be changed by the user at install time. Programs may likewise store details in C:\ProgramData (Windows 7) and may also store info in among the file folders under C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData, but this varies based upon the implementation by the software program vendor.

Linux systems typically follow the Filesystem hierarchy Standard on where the application, as soon as installed, places files. This, however, depends substantially on even if it is the developer that the software follows these conventions and whether or not the end user made adjustments to the installation process to change where these records are to be located.

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Once executed, the installed programs generally execute operations in RAM, though they still exist ~ above the lengthy term storage medium unless otherwise removed.