When you take a screenshot that goes directly to your clipboard. But did you know that world of Warcraft also saves your screenshots for later use? that’s right, friend can capture in-game images to her heart’s content and also then go earlier and review them later on (like screenshots taking on a console). In this article, i’ll walk you through the procedure of finding your WoW screenshot folder.

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How come screenshot in WoW

You have the right to take a screenshot in WoW by pressing the Print display (Prt Sc) button on a PC keyboard or F13 hotkey (Command + transition + 3 may additionally work) on Mac. This will certainly snap a snapshot of your screen and place that in her clipboard and also screenshots folder. You can paste the from her clipboard into an additional program through the CTRL + V dough shortcut.

If you no worried about WoW saving your screenshots, friend can additionally press the WINDOWS crucial + change + S faster way in home windows 10 to take a photo of part or your entire screen. This is an especially useful if you have multiple monitors and also don’t want them all had in the clipboard screenshot.

Where do screenshots go?

If you use the “Print Screen” (prt sc) key, you will discover your screenshot save on computer in the same path as your civilization of Warcraft installation. On home windows 10, the default course is C:Program FilesWorld the Warcraft\_retail_Screenshots. If you are in search of the WoW standard addon folder, the course will be the same except the “_retail_” should be changed with “_classic_”.

If you are playing ~ above a Mac, you have the right to see the default locations noted in the complying with table:

OSGame Folder Location
Windows 10ShadowlandsC:Program FilesWorld the Warcraft\_retail_Screenshots
Windows 10ClassicC:Program FilesWorld the Warcraft\_classic_Screenshots
MacShadowlands/Applications/World that Warcraft/_retail_/Screenshots
MacClassic/Applications/World that Warcraft/_classic_/Screenshots

What if ns can’t uncover my WoW folder?

You have searched high and low and cannot find your screenshot to save your life. If this happens, it is probably since you installed human being of Warcraft in an additional location.

Luckily, that is a super basic fix.

You can follow these procedures to discover the specific location of her WoW screenshots and game files:

Open her Battle.net desktop computer appClick top top the alternatives cogwheel beside your ‘Play’ button.Select ‘Show in Explorer’ indigenous the list.Navigate to World that Warcraft -> _retail_ OR _classic_Open the screenshots folder!

If you have actually a functioning installation of the game this should help you discover your snapshots easily.

WoW screenshots without UI (how to do the UI disappear)

You deserve to make the world of Warcraft UI disappear by pushing ALT + Z. This will hide her map, bars, and any various other UI element so friend can emphasis on acquisition that beautiful screenshot. To turn it back on, you deserve to simply push ALT + Z again!




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