Mac Stickies backup FAQ: I desire to make sure my Mac Stickies are backed up; where room the Mac Stickies documents (or database) located?

As i wrote about in an earlier post on how to conserve Mac Stickies, Mac Stickies (sticky notes) are saved in one database file. This paper is called StickiesDatabase, and it's located in the Library folder the your home directory.

As an example, my home brochure is called /Users/Al, and also my Mac Stickies database file is situated in this directory:

/Users/Al/Library/StickiesDatabaseSo, if you desire to backup your Mac Stickies, every you need to do is make certain you back-up that one Mac Stickies database file.

Mac backups information

If you're interested in much more information ~ above Mac backups, I've composed these associated articles:

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