Sunglasses on. Find your spot, take it a seat, and enjoy the beautiful view. Beach or a pretty pool, beautiful girl in your swimsuits (or even without them), and also your dream job for this summer. Welcome come the lifeguard world!

In reality, this job is far much more complex. And also you lug a vast responsibility on your shoulders. You need to stay focused, you have to keep your eyes open. You will certainly guard the many precious points of all: human life. Nevertheless, lifeguard is a an excellent job, and also in this write-up we will have actually a look at the questions you will deal with in your interview. Remember the the interview process for this place has always two parts:

Questions and answers.Test of your swimming an abilities (sometimes additionally a test of your very first aid skills, but many swim pools, hotel resorts, and beach infrastructure will provide an initial aid training come each brand-new hire).

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In this post we will focus on the questions and also answers, the first part of the interview. If you room not terrific swimmer, you need to forget around this job (at least for this summer, until you find out to swim better). Let’s proceed to the questions.

Why carry out you want to work as a lifeguard?

Because that is cool. Due to the fact that you like the beach. Since you plan to enjoy this summer come the complete extend. Naught of that is a great answer…

You should focus on your an abilities and abilities the make friend a great applicant because that this position. Call them the you space a an excellent swimmer, the you have good observation skills, and a strong sense that responsibility.

You can additionally say that you consider this perfect summer task (if you apply for a momentary vacancy), and plan to go back to school when the holiday season ends. If you had actually this task before, you should refer to the experience. And also don’t forget to show some enthusiasm because that the position!

Why our coast (hotel, swimming pool, spa resort, etc)?

Try to praise them for something. You can say the you really like the place, or that they have actually the many beautiful coast in the area. Or girlfriend can allude out a great reputation that the place, or even say the you provided to come to the resort to swim and enjoy her summer days, and also know the ar like your own house.

Alternatively you deserve to simply say that you had no special preferences, the you are ready to perform your project well anywhere, and also basically applied with them because you favored the offer, or the task description, or since their resort is in a favorable ar for you.

How perform you imagine a usual day in work?

This is a tricky question, and also your answer to it tells a lot around your mindset to work. If you say that you imagine sit on the beach and also watching around, sipping one orange juice and also enjoying the sun, you may too forget around this functioning opportunity…

You should show a proactive approach to work. And you must express your willingness to help with a selection of duties. Because that example: setup up the umbrellas, check the water safety, consulting the visitors and also helping them with their questions, explaining safety and security rules come visitors, etc.

The crucial is to convince the interviewers the you go not pick this job because you space lazy, and also plan to aid as lot as you can.

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Conclusion and also next steps

Interview because that a lifeguard job does no belong to the complicated job interviews. What is more, you won’t complete with many people because that the place (sometimes you might be the only job applicant).

But you have to show the right attitude to work, and also demonstrate a solid sense the responsibility, to success in this interview. Do not take it your ready lightly. Acquire ready for the questions, do a good impression, and continue her preparation v the adhering to articles: