2 : one of a course of equipped services personnel offer on shipboard or in near association with a naval pressure especially : a member of the U.S. Maritime Corps

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Adjective marine animals such together dolphins and whales the loves collecting small marine creatures while in ~ the coast Noun he is a former U.S. Marine. the U.S. Army, Navy, air Force, and Marines
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Recent examples on the Web: Adjective Soon-Shiong’s wife, Michele B. Chan, to be an actress who’d played a marine biologist on a Canadian TV show; the pair lived in a modest bungalow in Brentwood. — The brand-new Yorker, 25 Oct. 2021 Miller will certainly play a marine biologist named Rebecca Shearer. — Selome Hailu, Variety, 19 Oct. 2021 The penguins had been stung approximately their eyes and flippers, areas not protected by feathers, Alison Kock, a marine biologist v the nationwide parks agency, composed in a statement come The Washington Post. — Jonathan Edwards, Anchorage day-to-day News, 22 Sep. 2021 Bjarni Mikkelsen, a marine biologist from the Faroe Islands, additionally told the publication that the hunt to be the largest variety of dolphins eliminated in one day, shattering the region"s previous document of 1,200 dolphins in 1940. — Vanessa Etienne, PEOPLE.com, 15 Sep. 2021 Download the NBC News app for break news and politics Bjarni Mikkelsen, a marine biologist indigenous the Faeroe Islands, said the record represented the largest variety of dolphins come be killed in a solitary day in the islands. — NBC News, 15 Sep. 2021 George has actually told a the majority of lies — a lot of lies — throughout Seinfeld, however his pretending to be a marine biologist to impress a former classmate-cum-love-interest is just one of his greatest and also most flimsy. — Larry Fitzmaurice, Vulture, 1 Sep. 2021 during the expedition, marine scientists—located both onshore and also at sea—mapped the ocean floor and also observed regions together with the new England and also Corner climb Seamounts for the an initial time. — Elizabeth Gamillo, Smithsonian Magazine, 30 July 2021 functioning with ocean explorers, marine scientists, and also underwater photographers ever since, Blancpain has come to be a strong supporter of ocean conservation. — Olivia Hosken, Town & Country, 6 July 2021 Recent examples on the Web: Noun Lake Erie marine forecast intend calm conditions on the lake v waves of less than one foot and light winds. — Mike Rose, cleveland, 7 Oct. 2021 In a separate incident earlier this week, photos of a infant being handed come a U.S. marine across a barbed wire fence went famous online, together desperate crowds proceed to throng external Kabul’s airport. — Washington Post, 21 Aug. 2021 The marine was screening women and also children in ~ the airport who were trying to flee adhering to the joined States’ withdrawal from Afghanistan as soon as two large bombs detonated, death 12 various other servicemembers and at the very least 170 Afghans. — BostonGlobe.com, 11 Sep. 2021 simply as Platt to be launching his boat tours, a chain reaction of eco-friendly stressors started throwing the north California marine ecosystem into chaos. — Los Angeles Times, 1 Sep. 2021 Look in ~ this man war, the marine is telling you, and look at me, with my American flag on mine shoulder, trying come make sense of it. — Phil Klay, The new Yorker, 25 Aug. 2021 Atunec, the Ecuadorian Tuna watercraft Association, opposed a different proposal to expand the Galapagos marine reserve critical year, saying that the area is an extremely rich in fishing and also creating a no-take ar would minimize its catch. — Nell Lewis, CNN, 13 July 2021 The abundance of life approximately all these frameworks is so notable that a 2014 file in Proceedings of the organic Academy the Sciences declared oil platforms turn off California among the most abundant marine habitats globally. — Los Angeles Times, 8 Oct. 2021 Glenn, then a forty-year-old marine, circled the earth three times. — Anna Russel, The new Yorker, 3 Aug. 2021

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15th century, in the meaning defined at feeling 1a


1669, in the an interpretation defined at feeling 1a

History and Etymology because that marine

Adjective and Noun

middle English, native Latin marinus, indigenous mare sea; akin come Old English mere sea, pool, Old High German meri sea, Old Church Slavonic morje