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I am right now working ~ above a design and I require forlift pockets in mine design.I think that the criter for spacing the pockets room based turn off of load capacity because that the forklift.I think the standard deserve to be uncovered in ISO 1496-1 Annex C, however I carry out not have acess to that standard and do not want to pay $50 simply for one spec.Does everyone kown where I can find this spec with out paying for it?Do I also have the exactly one?My desing will have a max load of 50,000 lbs.Thanks
Seems like there space a selection of fixed values, but a common forklift is an alleged to it is in able to readjust to the spacings:

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Forks are adjustable.For 50kip load, you"re talking huge forklift.High capacity forklifts can have fork spacings as lot as 9 or 10 feet.Generally, the forks deserve to be readjusted from virtually no clearance between them come the preferably spacing of the details lift truck.Check v a pair of the major manufacturers because that the dimensions of their devices (Hyster and also Caterpillar, because that instance).Fork spacing will be dictated through the kind of fill to be choose up as well as the weight of the load.If the is a wide load, then maximum fork spacing would certainly be dictated.You also have to take into consideration the self weight of everything is being picked up...can it withstand the preferably fork spacing?
At a ahead employer part time was spent looking right into this and as ideal we could tell there to be no genuine "standard".True fork lifts normally have generous adjustment, it"s pallet van that room tricky.Ended up gaining the customer to tell us all the size of pallet truck the they would be using through our container and designing roughly that.That said, maybe for something favor that load you may be able to do better, perhaps equivalent ISO or comparable standard containers.

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Here"s what can be helpful, based upon a 20 ft shipping container:From Forklift pocketsWidth 360 mm 1" 2 11/64"Height min. 115 mm 4 1/2"Center to center 2,050 mm + / - 50 mm 6" 8 45/64" + / - 2"
It"s no so much the spacing per load (which is more of a pallet consideration).You have to be the judge based upon the size and also weight circulation of what you"re designing.You can likely judge the width based upon common fork lifts, but just carry out your best to an are them far sufficient to facility the weight over the forks.

James SpisichDesign Engineer, CSWP

I believe most big forklifts have actually hydraulic fork adjusters that allow the operator to move the forks together or personally to any type of c/c distance within their range. Small trucks frequently have manually readjusted forks i beg your pardon ave details detented postions therefore the c/c street is not continuously variable.Regafding fork size, there are a large variety of sizes and types used by assorted manufactures. Us have, for instance a Taylor (45,000 lb capacity) v forks that space 10"x5"x96" and also a royal (43,000 lb capacity) with forks that are 10"x4.5"x96".If girlfriend don"t understand what forklifts you maker might be handled by, make sure your fork pockets are huge enough come accomodate a presumed worst case.
As stated above, the distance between the forks can generally be adjusted. Be mindful though the sometimes various width carriages space available.Also be aware that forks of the exact same capacity have the right to have various cross sections. Rather of looking at the forklift OEM"s, that will sell everything forks friend want, look in ~ a fork
Like the others I"ve haven"t run across any standard for basic use forklifts.If in the us you will require to get the OSHA standards for every the tests compelled for a new design or modification.We got burned negative for an unauthorized alteration to a high elevator fork truck. One suggest that needs to be made is you deserve to save yourself a the majority of work if you have the right to use an existing design fork or have actually your design built through someone that deals in same. An additional is pay mindful attention come the yoke if you usage chain lifts together this has been the place of most defects uncovered duringsemiannual inspections.Like the others I"ve haven"t run across any traditional for basic use forklifts.If in the united state you will need to obtain the OSHA standards for every the tests compelled for a brand-new design or modification.We obtained burned poor for one unauthorized modification to a high background fork truck. One point that requirements to it is in made is you have the right to save yourself a many work if you can use one existing design fork or have actually your architecture built by someone who deals in same. An additional is pay careful attention to the yoke if you usage chain lifts as this has been the ar of many defect uncovered during inspection.Like the others I"ve haven"t run across any conventional for general use forklifts.If in the us you will require to obtain the OSHA requirements for all the tests compelled for a brand-new design or modification.We gained burned negative for one unauthorized change to a high background fork truck. One suggest that demands to it is in made is you deserve to save yourself a many work if you deserve to use one existing architecture fork or have your style built by someone that deals in same. An additional is pay careful attention to the yoke if you use chain lifts as this has actually been the place of most defect discovered during inspection.
I have done capacity testing for two different forklift OEMs, one with off-road telehandlers and one through 1-8t strait mast industrial. The capacity of the truck is identified by tipping it in 5 different scenarios to check out if it will certainly go beyond X degrees prior to it tips. (Note: lifting 1 wheel is not thought about "tipped") Repeat for each attachment combination. In the instance of telehandlers several weights have to be experiment at several different extensions to create the pack chart.Operator load is either 0lbs or 200lbs, whichever is the worst scenario. The fuel tank level is additionally dictated through the worst case scenario. And tire make/model, size and inflation pressure have actually a large influence.In the situation of counterbalance trucks there can be hundreds of various mast, carriage, fork, engine, fuel type, tire and counterweight combinations. I deserve to tell girlfriend from suffer that it is very an overwhelming to calculation the actual tipping points. Telehandlers have couple of options therefore they room usually tested. For commercial trucks the OEMs have built their own database with past experience that has actually helped them build fudge determinants for the various options. Then they only need to test the significant changes from one design to the next, put that in your model, and they deserve to calculate the numerous permutations.The big concern that OSHA has actually is nobody however the OEM is going to understand or recognize what every goes right into these stability calculations. And when Joe Bob modifies his forklift and kills himself, the widow and also her three small kids pursue the large bad forklift company. We had one instance were the man admitted to drinking a pint that vodka and also a 6 fill of beer because that lunch...and that still won!?!As unclesyd was saying, OSHA doesn"t mess around with this. And you have the right to see why the forklift carriers will not provide your homebrew design, uneven you desire to pay part money to have the design reviewed and also possibly tested.ISZ
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