Alexander Graham Bell make the famed announcement, "When one door closes, one more opens." This quote might seem too many optimistic, but there are plenty of scientists and entrepreneurs who initially failed in your endeavors only to discover from your mistakes and also move forward.

Bell himself had countless failures and setbacks in both his career and private life. However, the did not use these as factors to quit; rather, he forged new opportunities because that himself, his family, and also his career. Did you know the original quote is longer? do you know who else has actually said it? Let’s open a few more doors.

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Postage stamp v Alexander Graham Bell

There Is an ext to the Quote

While Alexander Graham Bell may have said this quote, yes actually much more to it. In 1935, after ~ his passing, he to be quoted in The Winona Times as saying:

When one door closes another door opens; however we often look for this reason long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not check out the one which has actually opened because that us.

So, it’s no just about one door closing and also another door opening; it’s about our focus. Will we select to rigid at the close up door door and miss the open up door as it swings broad open? In truth, this quote is around missed opportunities. Many human being do not prefer and, therefore, resist change. Yet, not all change is bad. Sometimes, the ambiguity of the change makes it an overwhelming to view beyond.

A close up door door to some may mean lose or failure. What if, instead, that an opportunity for advancement and growth? Those who don’t dwell on what might have been however focus top top what might be space able to view the open up door before them and also follow Bell’s advice.

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Who Else claimed It?

There are a couple of other notable human being who, transparent history, have written very similar lines. Take it Hellen Keller’s excerpt native her publication We Bereaved in 1929 and also again in The open up Door in 1957:

When one door of joy closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closeup of the door door that we carry out not view the one which has actually been opened for us.

Next, we have actually Johann P.F. Richter. Also known widely as Jean Paul, the German feeling writer that the late 18th and also early 19th century wrote:

When one door closes another always opens, however we normally look for this reason long, so intently and so sorrowfully ~ above the closed door that we execute not check out the one that has actually opened.

Finally, and also perhaps the faster attribution, originates from Miguel de Cervantes’ well known novel Don Quixote. The an initial part the the publication was published in 1605. Cervantes wrote:

When one door is shut another is opened.

Is There any kind of Truth come This?

What carry out you think? Is that true that, as soon as one favorable thing is bring away away, an additional opportunity take away its place? perhaps it’s an instance of mind end matter. Emily Dickinson said, “Hope is the point with feathers.” you must bring it through you wherever you go and always look out for the best. Don’t gain too recorded up in the past.

Are girlfriend interested in learning a few more wise sayings that have actually been pass down with time? If so, take it a look in ~ these examples of Adage in Literature. You will do it enjoy everything from Benjamin Franklin’s Poor Richard’s Almanack, Aesop’s Fables, and even the most widely read book in the world - the Bible. Remember, “To everything, there is a season.”