The suffer of control in the rain can range from meditative come nerve-wracking. No matter just how you watch it, it’s essential to understand exactly how water top top the roadway affects your car’s capacity to turn, brake, and maintain call with the road’s surface. Listed below we define when the road is most slippery and also how to continue to be safe as soon as driving in wet conditions.

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When Is the Road most Slippery?

The most dangerous time to journey in the rain is in the an initial 10 to 20 minute after it starts raining. The much longer it’s unable to do without rain, the more dangerous this initial duration is.

The reason for this is the cars drip oil top top the streets as they pass over them. This oil sits on height of the pavement and builds up end time, as the sunlight doesn’t efficiently evaporate it.

Then the rain starts. Oil that’s to be sitting for fairly some time suddenly lifts turn off the surface ar of the pavement, forming a slick that coats the roadway. For the same factors that oil is provided in machinery to alleviate friction and make surface slide versus one an additional easily, the oil on the roadway can reason your tires come slide across it like ice.

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Always usage extra caution when driving in the rain, but twin that caution as soon as you’re steering in the very first 10 to 20 minute after that starts raining. Below, we look in ~ some an excellent tips to remain safe once the skies over open up!

1. Make certain You’re proactively Thinking

Many difficulties drivers conference on wet roadways might be avoided just by much more actively thinking around their surroundings. It’s typical to enter “autopilot” mode when driving, and when that starts raining, it’s crucial to snap the end of the mode and into active thinking mode.

You must ask yourself points like, “How would I reaction if that truck increase ahead shed traction and also T-boned?” and, “How visible am ns to oncoming traffic right now?” These questions will store you alert and aware of your surroundings.

2. Headlights on

Your headlights must be top top at all times when it’s raining or wet. Visibility decreases dramatically when the air is full of water. That’s why plenty of states require chauffeurs to rotate on your headlights whenever your wipers are engaged.

You may an alert it’s more difficult to watch at night as soon as it’s raining. Part of this is due to the wet roadway that acts as a mirror for her headlight’s beams, do the roadway surface front of you appear less bright. This is an additional reason to slow-moving down. Driving in ~ night is likewise associated with raised injuries.

3. Make sure Your Tires Have sufficient Tread

Tires are, fairly literally, wherein the rubber meets the road. If you nothing have enough tread on her tires, friend risk losing traction when stopping, cornering, or accelerating. In the wet, this risk goes increase significantly. You have the right to tell if her tires room up come snuff through looking in ~ the “tread bars” between the treads — if the treads room level through these bars, you need to replace your tires.

4. Understand Hydroplaning

Hydroplaning is a strange phenomenon in which her tires, encountering a little bit of stand water on the road’s surface, begin to skim over the peak of this water instead of contacting the asphalt below. This reasons you to on slide uncontrollably. If you are on a corner, your automobile will proceed traveling in a tangential heat — directly out that the corner. All it take away is one-tenth that an customs of standing water.

Keep in mind that this can occur in any type of vehicle, consisting of a car, an SUV, or a pickup truck. To prevent a hydroplane, slow-moving down. Girlfriend are extremely unlikely come hydroplane in ~ 35 mph or below.

If you do begin to hydroplane, take your foot turn off the gas — don’t hit the brakes — and wait because that your car to regain traction. Friend should continue to steer in the direction you desire to go, yet do no make any type of sharp steering activities or overcorrect. Once the automobile regains traction, if the wheels space turned sharply to the left or right, your automobile will abruptly monitor them. This could cause you to run off the road or flip over.

5. No Cruise control in the Rain


When that raining, you have to not have actually cruise regulate on. Most modern-day cruise control programming does no account for roadway traction. That way if your automobile suddenly hits a lengthy puddle that water and begins come hydroplane, cruise regulate could cause your tires to advice forward.

Turning off cruise control also allows you come be more reactive and use an excellent decision-making in moderating her speed.

6. Rise Your following Distance

Slow under and dual or triple the normal adhering to distance. This offers you reaction time and will help prevent friend from going into a skid, i beg your pardon could reason a rear-ending accident. Remember that rear-end accidents are always the error of the driver and also can lead to expensive insurance insurance claims — that’s why it’s vital to have an excellent insurance.

7. Check, Double-Check, and Triple-Check before Merging

With low visibility, the much easier to miss out on that car, truck, or motorcycle next to you. Be certain to take your time, indicate with your turn signal, and triple-check before merging as soon as it’s raining.

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