Fairy Tail: 10 Things only True fans Know around Gajeel Redfox Gajeel Redfox is no pushover. This snarky and an effective dragon slayer is just one of the strongest personalities in the Fairy Tail universe.

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Fairy Tail is full of a selection of various characters, native the old prefer Makarov, to the youthful favor Wendy and also Romeo, come cheerful like Cana to the...incredibly surly, choose Gajeel. Though he can often pretend favor he no care about anything or anyone, Gajeel has been among the staunchest defenders of Fairy Tail virtually from the minute he join up the group.

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This list takes a look in ~ the steel Dragon Slayer and also goes in information on the character, containing information that also some of the longest time fans of the anime series might have currently forgotten end the course of Fairy Tail’s 300+ illustration run.

regardless of Gajeel’s difficult aura, perhaps the most surprising thing around him is that he desire he can be a singer. Several times during the team’s opportunities to in reality take a break from work-related for once, we uncover Gajeel singing karaoke on phase for the guild. Unfortunately, he’s absolutely destructive at both singing and using musical instruments. However, at the very least according to his teammate Gray, he has actually some talent as a songwriter.

A running gag through Natsu was that he had actually motion sickness, yet no one ever knew why. The would at some point be meeting to gift a Dragon Slayer and the adaptation humans experienced offered their increased hearing and vision. However, as soon as Gajeel initially showed up, neither he or Wendy experienced movement sickness in ~ all. This would be added later, v the excuse being the both that them had actually their Dragon Slayer abilities increase enough for the movement sickness to impact them. But an ext likely, Hiro Mashima had actually no factor for Natsu’s vertigo and added it in lot later.

Gajeel has actually been a member that Fairy Tail because that nearly every one of the series run, for this reason it’s simple to forget the he actually wasn’t to start with. ~ above the contrary, Gajeel was a member that a completing guild Phantom Lord. The iron Dragon Slayer didn’t pull any type of punches, either.

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He kicked turn off the strike on Fairy Tail himself, help to destroy their guildhall, then beat increase the three-person mage team Shadow Gear. The wound up losing to Natsu in a fairly intense fight though and also was later on invited to sign up with Fairy Tail by Makarov. Though it seemed favor he was merely jumping to the most powerful team, Gajeel has been a loyal member ever since signing up.


nice much every one of the Dragon Slayers have actually a special capacity that allows them to call on the powers of a totally different aspect to provide their attacks some extra power. In Natsu’s case it’s the power of lightning, while in Gajeel’s situation it’s actually the power of...darkness? unequal flames and lightning or even light and also dark, metal and also darkness don’t really have much in typical at all, but fortunately, thanks to Gajeel’s grumpy disposition and constant habit for wearing dark clothing, making use of the strength of darkness seem come fit that visually.

every one of the initial Dragon Slayers are from four hundred years earlier and to be each elevated by their dragons while being taught Dragon Slayer magic. Though none remember, originally all of them would also meet sometimes when your foster dragon parents would certainly gather. This occurred fairly often, and also Gajeel occurred a connection with every one of the other Dragon Slayers. Specifically though, he had an antagonistic partnership with Natsu and constantly gained into fights v him. Nevertheless, this was every forgotten when every one of the Dragon Slayers went through the Eclipse Gate, crossing 4 centuries that time to exist in the modern-day era.

5 always WANTED A CAT

It’s never really explained, yet for everything reason, every one of the Dragon Slayers have actually a talking pet cat. Natsu has Happy. Wendy has Carla. Yet for a time, Gajeel didn’t have a cat and was rather distraught around it. It gained to the point where he to be weeping in the Fairy Tail guildhall over it before the group was transported come the parallel civilization of Edolas, where the talking cats recognized as Exceed came from. There, Gajeel was able to find Pantherlily, a member of the Edolas army. After the remainder that the events there, Panther Lily accompanied every one of Fairy Tail ago to your home and joined the team.

despite it’s simple to be puzzled considering the Dragon who trained him was named Metallicana, but Gajeel is in reality an iron Dragon Slayer. He can consume iron to feed his wonder energy and also transform his body to iron v ease. Yet during the battle against one of the members that Tartaros, he to be submerged in black color water native an enemy’s technique.

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Outmatched thanks to the enemy’s hard shell, Gajeel transformed his body partially from iron into steel by absorbing some of the carbon roughly him. Despite this works as something of an upgrade, it’s still as toxicity to him together it is to normal humans, and also thus isn’t something he have the right to use in every battle.

3 becomes A dual AGENT

Gajeel’s membership in Phantom Lord and immediate adjust over come Fairy Tail services the guild in an unforeseen way. People thought he hadn’t really had a change of heart and was instead using the guild. As such, Fairy Tail’s guild master, Makarov Dreyar, asked Gajeel come undertake a mission only he could do. Thus, Gajeel ended up being responsible for infiltrating the Dark Guild raven Tail, an organization run through Makarov’s son, Ivan Dreyar. This didn’t quite play out as Ivan intended, however, as it paid turn off in his whole guild getting decimated by his son Laxus thanks to Gajeel’s additional information.

This one’s a little sketchy, and also what happens once authors listen to shippers for as well long. Throughout Gajeel’s initial assault on Fairy Tail, the goes to city on the comparatively weak members of shadow Gear, consisting of the team resident book worm, levying McGarden. Despite this, in one evolved kind of the Defeat way Friendship trope, the two get a little close throughout the Tenrou Island story arc, and also a relationship blossoms from there. Despite Gajeel is too proud to recognize it for many of the series, till he gets right into a fight with a member the the Spriggan 12 and when he’s around to dice fighting Bloodman.

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1 has actually A connection TO THE MAGIC COUNCIL

once Gajeel an initial left the guild Phantom Lord, the was available a spot v Fairy Tail. But before that might happen, he had to resolve up with the Magic board of directors for causing so much trouble in the city that Fiore. Fortunately, he had actually one that the Magic board of directors members, Belno, stand up for him. She walk on to tell him to live a life worth living, discussing that she helped because he reminded her of she son. Despite she i will not ~ make many appearances afterwards, the character was assassinated during the beginnings of the Tartaros arc. Afterwards, when Fairy Tail to be disbanded, Gajeel would certainly briefly join the Magic council himself as the head member of the Custody Enforcement Unit.

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