G.E. Patterson, the presiding bishop of the Church that God inChrist and a minister for virtually 50 years and also frequent visitant toSt. Louis, passed away of heart fail Tuesday. He to be 67.

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The mainly black protestant denomination, headquarteredin Memphis, insurance claims 6 million members an international and traces itsorigins to the so late 19th century.

Patterson to be hospitalized in January for an undisclosedillness. The told his followers in 2005 that he endured fromprostate cancer.

“America shed an point of view today,” previous U.S. Rep. Harold Ford Jr.said in a statement.

“He was favored by the Almighty and he used his favor toinstruct us all on exactly how to be much better servants.”

Patterson was additionally known for his job-related in spiritual music andpublishing. In January 2007, he winner the classic male vocalistof the year respect at the 22nd annual Stellar Awards because that gospelmusic.

He to be born in Humboldt, Tenn., and also was ordained as an elder inCOGIC in 1957 in Detroit. Patterson attend Lemoyne-Owen Collegein Memphis, Detroit holy bible Institute and also held an honorary doctoratefrom dental Roberts University.

Patterson to be the editor and publisher of the BountifulBlessings Magazine v a circulation list of an ext than100,000.

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Patterson is survived by his wife, Louise Patterson. The couplehad no children. Funeral arrangements were pending.




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