I have read plenty of times in the object of induction the a glass rod once rubbed versus a silk cloth acquires a positive charge. Why go it gain positive fee only, and not an unfavorable charge?

It is additionally said the glass rod attracts the tiny uncharged document pieces when it is i do not care positively charged. I understand that a positively charged glass rod attractive the uncharged pieces of document because several of the electrons present in the document accumulate in ~ the finish near the rod, however can"t we prolong the same argument on attraction of negatively fee silk rod and also the piece of document due to accumulation of confident charge close to the end?

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You might know that all matter is made up out of atoms. Now, atom themselves have a core, or nucleus, and also electrons orbiting about the nucleus. The core has positive charge, the electrons have an unfavorable charge.

When you room rubbing the glass rod v the silk cloth, electrons room stripped away from the atoms in the glass and transferred to the silk cloth. This leaves the glass stick with much more positive than an adverse charge, so you get a net confident charge.

Why do the electrons go from glass to silk and not from silk to glass? That relies a many on the minute details that the material. Ultimately, for every two materials there is among them where electrons space happier. It simply turns out that for glass and silk, electrons space happier at the silk cloth.

Now come your second question. Here, the essential thing to note is the in your usual solid material, the positive charges, which room the cores that the atoms, can not move roughly much. They room locked into a strict structure. The small electrons, however, can move about much better. That"s why the glass rod deserve to induce a net an unfavorable charge at one end of the document clips.

EDIT: permit me add that over there should likewise be part attraction between the silk and also a bunch that paper: The electrons in the document will be moved away by the electron in the silk, leaving the finish of the file that is closer to the silk v a net optimistic charge that then it s okay attracted. However, it might very well be that in your silk cloth the electron are as whole too spread out to have actually a strong enough attractive effect.