676 can be obtained by squaring 26. Hence, it is a perfect square number. Hence, the square source of 676 is a rational number. In this mini-lesson we will find out to discover square source of 676 along with fixed examples. Let united state see what the square root of 676 is.

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Square root of 676676 = 26Square that 676: 6762 = 4,56,976
1.What Is the Square source of 676?
2.Is Square source of 676 rational or Irrational?
3.How to uncover the Square root of 676?
4.Important Notes
5.Thinking out of the Box!
6.FAQs top top Square root of 676

What Is the Square root of 676?

The number who square is 676 is 26. Hence, the square root of 676 is 26. That is created as

676 = 26

The answer which is obtained on squaring 26 is 676. Hence, 676 is a perfect square.

Is the Square root of 676 reasonable or Irrational?

As 676 is 676 = 26, it is possible to to express 676 in p/q kind easily. This makes 676 a rational number. 

How to find the Square source of 676?

There room different methods come determine the square root of any kind of number. Click here to know an ext about it. We deserve to determine the square root of 676 using 2 methods:

Square source of 676 by lengthy DivisionSquare root of 676 by prime Factorization

Square source of 676 by lengthy Division

The square root of 676 can be discovered using the long division as follows.

Step 1: us pair number of a provided number beginning with a digit at one"s place. Placed a horizontal bar to indicate pairing.Step 2: Now we find a number which on multiplication with itself provides a product much less than or equal to 6. As we recognize 2 × 2 = 4 Step 3: Now, we have actually to bring down 00 and multiply the quotient by 2. This give us 4. Hence, 4 is the beginning digit that the new divisor.Step 4: 6 is placed at one"s place of brand-new divisor due to the fact that when 46 is multiply by 6 we acquire 276. The obtained answer currently is 0. Currently the new divisor derived is 52.Step 5: Hence, the square source of 676 is 26.


Square root of 676 by prime Factorization

676 is a perfect square hence, we can additionally express it together (2 × 2 × 13 × 13). The numbers within square root which get repeated space 2 and also 13. Hence, the square root of 676 is 2 × 13 = 26 .


The square source of 676 is 26.

Explore square roots making use of illustrations and interactive examples

Important Notes:

676 is a perfect square as the value derived after taking its square root is a whole number.The square source of 676 can be simplified to 26 either by using the prime factorization of 676 or by express 676 as a square of 26.

Think Tank:

Can the worth of a square root of 676 be decimal?Are -676 and -676 same? 

Example 1: deserve to you determine the difference in lengths that square boxes having actually area 676 square inches and also 576 square inches?


As the area that square crate is area = size × lengthThe size of square box having area 676 square inches is √676 = 26 inches. Similarly, the length of box having area 576 square customs is √576 = 24 inches.The difference in lengths of box is (26 - 24) inches = 2 inches

Hence, the distinction in length of square boxes having area 676 square inches and also 576 square inch is 2 inches.

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Example 2: will certainly the radius of circle having area 676π square inches have actually length that radius much less than 30 inch or an ext than 30 inches?


Radius have the right to be found using the formula of area the a circle is πr2 square inches. By the given information,

πr2 = 676π r2 = 676

By taking the square source on both sides we get, √r2= 676. We know that the square source of r2 is r. By calculating the square root of 676 is 26 inches. Hence, the radius of circle having actually area 676π square inches will have length that radius much less than 30 inches.