Er klert tsi a floy warm a pupik.

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There are number of equally vivid expressions in this vein and also whenever multiple incarnations that a solitary sentiment exist, one is apt come ask the question, “Why?” Well, I’d like to propose 2 hypotheses, one flattering and one not-so-flattering.

We’ll start with the former. Jews space an industrious bunch. We prefer to put our time and our psychic to good use. Learning this, it’s for sure to assume that a pet-peeve of the Jewish human being might be those who fail to perform likewise.

On the various other not-so-becoming hand (the one the was mangled in a turnip masher), there exists a less flattering possibility. Yes a chance—just a chance—that this expression and also its many cohorts were inspired by a trouble in-house: the inherent propensity because that Jewish mental to, shall us say, dwell top top the less-than-practical. Ns am by no method criticizing our neuroses! When applied productively, our overactive minds absolutely can and have been placed to an excellent use. And also that’s my point exactly! If the weren’t because that the artfully worried likes of Woody Allen, Larry David, and also Lewis Black, the civilization of comedy would be decreased to an overfill of redneck jokes and a grown man with his hand increase a puppet’s tuchus. But imagine if Freud had actually spent his days fretting around the frivolous. Or if Einstein’s eccentricities edged the end his efficacy! whereby would us be this day without the coltish however constructive consciousness of those Jews?

In the end, I think the reality lies what in the middle. Expressions choose these to be coined out of one awareness that Jewish mind and also muscle (figuratively speaking, the course) are great powers that, favor Peter Parker postulates, come with great responsibility. The Jewish mental is a devastating thing come waste ... Specifically on awfully asinine and also amateurishly azer alliteration.

Appropriate usage?

Bernie and also Art watch as john Betts, the new guy in sales, rearranges his office because that the fifth time…

Bernie: “I hear that ordered three kinds of business cards since he couldn’t decide on a font.”

Art: “Mindy called me that spent most of critical week sharpening pencils and agonizing over which parking an are to claim. Meanwhile, ns haven’t viewed him pick up the call once other than come record and re-record his outgoing message a fifty percent dozen times! I offer him one more week, tops. Look in ~ him! He’s simply sitting there! What could he maybe be doing?!”

Bernie:He"s meditating on even if it is a flea has actually a belly button. What else?”

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Dos leben iz by means of kinderhemdel—kurts un bash.

Like many Yiddish proverbs and expressions, this one go the well line in between gloriously inspiring and also soul-crushingly-”what’s-the-point-of-it-all?-I-may-as-well-throw-in-the-towel” bleak. Just like most things, it every comes under to perspective: who is top top the receiving end of this adage? Who’s carrying it and also with what tone? room they a glass-half-empty or half-full kind of person? (OK, i realize that the possibilities of a Jew falling right into the latter classification is together dismal as the way most of us would interpret this adage, but just feeling me.) So, yes, if at an initial this adage may appear to it is in a harsh and also unsavory look in ~ life, let’s endeavor to placed on our ill-fitting rosy glasses (I recognize they pinch at the nose, yet it’s only for a minute), execute our shrinks proud, and look at it another way.

If we replace the unfortunate translate in of “soiled” through “messy” and ignore the uncomfortable invocation that a child’s undershirt, we’re left through this: Life is short and messy. Is this no inspirational, in that it urges us to live now and not be fear to gain our hands dirty act it?! no this in reality a wonderfully positive and also encouraging proverb after all?? Nu? OK, fine, you have the right to take your glasses off now.

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Appropriate usage?

Franny is having actually Sunday breakfast through her dad, Joe, and, over lox and also schmear, venting about her college applications process. ...

Franny: “Tatteh, I’m totally stressing! If ns don’t get into mine first-choice school, I, like, don’t understand what i’m going come do! ns don’t really desire to go to any kind of of my security schools, that’s why they’re my safety schools! Plus, the would totally ruin mine 5-year plan! If ns don’t obtain in, probably I should take a semester off so I deserve to retake my SATs and also do a ton of community service and learn the cello or something? G-d, why no you and also Mummy make me find out an instrument??!?! Trudy Lawrence dram the harp! no to point out her parents embraced like five youngsters from China or somewhere! she a shoo-in because that sure! that’s it. Ns can’t stray from mine five-year plan. It’s the just thing that makes sense. Ns don’t care how long it takes. ... Wait! isn’t cousin Robbie adopted? That might wor—”

Joe: “Bubbeleh, relax. Eat. You’re gift meshugga. You desire my advice? setup shpan! Life is like a children undershirt—short and also soiled! currently shut up and eat. Do you want your bagel heated?”

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