Porter Wagoner (birth name – Porter Wayne Wagoner), nicknamed – the Thin male from the West Plains, to be an American nation singer who is finest known because that his slick earlier Pompadour hairstyle and also crisp suits. One of his best singles is referred to as “A satisfied Mind.”

Wagoner and singer Dolly Parton were a popular vocal duo throughout the late 1960s and also early 1970s.

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He to be born on respectable 12, 1927, ~ above a farm near West Plains, Missouri, in the Ozark mountains, to Charles E. Wagoner and Bertha May.

Throughout the so late ’40s, Porter was to sing on the regional West plains radio station.

In 1951, Wagoner was hired by American record producer Si Siman together a performer ~ above KWTO in Springfield, Missouri.

Starting 1955, Porter to be a featured performer top top ABC-TV’s Ozark Jubilee in Springfield, Missouri.

TV Show

From 1960 to 1981, Wagoner began the syndicated “Porter Wagoner Show.” There space 686 30-minute episodes videotaped of the show.

The cast included:

announcer Don Howser;1960–mid-60s – comedian/stand-up base Curly Harris;1968 – singer Mel Tillis;1976–1978 – singer Linda Carol Moore;1974–1976 – singer Barbara Lea;1966–1974 – singer Dolly Parton;1965–1966 – singer Jeannie Seely;1960–1965 – singer Norma Jean.


He exit his final album referred to as Wagonmaster top top June 5, 2007.

Wagonmaster received the finest reviews that Porter’s career. Additionally, a music video clip was created for one of the tracks.

It was produced by Marty Stuart for the reverse- label.

During the summer the 2007, Wagoner toured to promote the album, including a late-July figure on Late present with David Letterman.

Moreover, at a sold-out concert at Madison Square Garden in NYC,Wagoner opened for the rock team The White Stripe.

After the concert, he declared:

“The young world I met backstage, few of them were 20 years old. They wanted to get my autograph and tell me lock really favored me.”

Wagoner added:

“If only they knew just how that made me feel— choose a brand-new breath of fresh air.”

On June 25, 2019, The NY times Magazine detailed Wagoner among the artist whose material was ruined in the 2008 global fire.

Dolly Parton

Wagoner helped launch the career of American singer Dolly Parton after the singer replaced Norma Jean in the show’s actors in 1967.


Getty”Back when I join in 1957, ns don’t recognize really exactly how to explain it, it was just much more authentic then.”

“I think there is a different kind that beauty, the beauty of being honest, of being yourself, the singing like you feel it.”

”I’ve just constantly been a real nation person.”

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In 1982, Wagoner appeared in the Clint Eastwood film Honkytonk Man, a musical drama film the was collection in the good Depression.

On might 19, 2007, the singer to be honored in ~ the cool Ole Opry because that both his 80th birthday and his 50 year of membership.

Wagoner got his an initial guitar native his larger brother, Glenn.

In 2009, English singer Lily Allen used clips that Porter and his show in the music video clip for she song, “Not Fair.”

In 2002, he was chosen to the country Music room of Fame.

In 2004, the singer made a guest illustration on the HBO comedy collection Da Ali G Show.

Wagoner Boulevard in his indigenous West Plains, Missouri, is called in his honor.

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Porter Wagoner – net Worth

Wagoner earned many of his wide range from selling duplicates of his albums, including – I’ll save on Lovin’ You, The Cold hard Facts the Life, and also more.

During his musical career, he placed 81 song on the country music chart, 19 the which room duets with Dolly Parton.

His greatest hits include – green Green Grass the Home, Misery Loves Company, Skid row Joe, Company’s Comin’, A solve Mind, and Carroll ar Accident.

In addition, Porter earned some money native his show, which remained on the air because that 21 years airing in around 200 markets. His show was regarded by much more than 3.5 million viewers.

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Therefore, at the time of his death, Porter Wagoner had an approximated net worth of about $11.4 million (in accordance through the current inflation).

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