History >>Renaissance because that KidsThe Elizabethan Era took place from 1558 come 1603 and also is taken into consideration by numerous historians to it is in the golden age in English History. During this era England proficient peace and also prosperity while the art flourished. The time duration is called after Queen Elizabeth I that ruled England during this time.

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Elizabethan Costumes through Albert Kretschmer
English Renaissance TheatreThe Elizabethan Era is possibly most renowned for its theatre and also the functions of william Shakespeare. English Renaissance theatre started with the opening of "The Red Lion" theatre in 1567. Many an ext permanent theatres opened up in London over the following several years consisting of the Curtain Theatre in 1577 and also the well known Globe Theatre in 1599.The duration produced few of the world"s an excellent playwrights including Christopher Marlowe and also William Shakespeare. Today Shakespeare is considered the greatest writer the the English language. Famous genres of theatre included the history play, the tragedy, and also the comedy.Other ArtsTheatre wasn"t the only type of art to flourish during the Elizabethan Era. Other arts such as music and painting to be popular throughout the time. The era developed important composers such as William Byrd and John Dowland. England additionally began to produce some that its own talented artist such as Nicholas Hilliard and also Queen Elizabeth"s an individual artist George Gower.
Navigation and ExplorationThe Elizabethan Era observed the climb of the English navy v the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588. It also saw numerous improvements in navigation which were highlighted when Sir Francis Drake effectively circumnavigated the globe. Other famous English explorers contained Sir Walter Raleigh who created the Virginia Colony and Sir Humphrey Gilbert who found Newfoundland.Clothing and FashionClothing and fashion played vital role amongst nobles and the wealthy throughout this period. There were actually laws that claimed who might wear what varieties of clothes. Because that example, just members that the royal family could wear garments trimmed v ermine fur. The noble wore very fancy apparel made native silk and velvet. They provided bright colors and had huge ruffles on their wrists and also collars.GovernmentThe federal government in England during this era was facility and was consisted of of three different bodies: the monarch, the Privy Council, and also the Parliament.The monarch was Queen Elizabeth. She to be very an effective and figured out most of the legislations of the land, yet she did have actually to get approval from parliament to implement taxes. The Privy board of directors was made up of the queen"s closest advisors. They would certainly make recommendations and give she advice. When Elizabeth an initial became queen there were 50 members of the Privy Council. She lessened this over time until there were just 11 members through 1597.Parliament had actually two groups. One group was referred to as the home of Lords and was made up of nobles and also high ranking church officials such together bishops. The other team was the house of Commons i m sorry was made up of commoners.
Interesting Facts about the Elizabethan EraThe imperial Exchange, the very first stock exchange in England, was created by thomas Gresham in 1565.Queen Elizabeth was a Protestant and was continuous in hazard of being assassinated by Catholics that wanted to change her through Mary, Queen that Scots.Coaches became a very popular setting of transportation in England with the wealthy and also nobles throughout this time.Queen Elizabeth never ever married nor had children. She said she to be married to she country.English poetry grew including the sonnet. Famous poets contained Edmund Spenser and also William Shakespeare.

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