There"s no faster means to feel choose the ugly stepsister than to discover that the hottie you"ve been crushing top top is crushing on who else. And when the someone rather is your an extremely own finest friend... Ugh, the rejection - the betrayal.

The flood of emotions deserve to be therefore confusing and overwhelming the it can all it seems ~ surreal. It"s difficult to believe that other you"ve only ever before seen in the cheesy coming-of-age-style movies is actually happening come you in real life.

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There room a million methods to handle this case badly. And there are only a couple of ways to deal with it so the you don"t come out of it emotionally traumatized or make her bestie and also object of your impact think that you space a crazy, jealous, miserable mess.

So you"re probably asking yourself, What perform I do when my like likes my finest friend? take the advice below to make certain you handle the case in the healthiest method possible


Accept It

It yes, really won"t aid anything if you select to be in denial about the situation. Once he has made his feeling clear, there"s no suggest for friend to save wondering, go he like me or mine friend? The much faster you deserve to accept that the male prefers your best friend, the sooner you can number out just how you"re walking to obtain over it.

Be Understanding

Sometimes as soon as you room able to understand why something has happened, it renders it easier to attend to it. If friend take the moment to think about things, you might realize that in reality, your ideal friend and your crush might be much more suited because that each other.

They both can enjoy sporting activities (you don"t); they could love horror movies (you"re too lot of a infant to also watch the trailers); or they might both it is in vegans or something follow me those lines. The fact is, in the case, that it all renders sense, and it was many likely inevitable for them to have ended up together.

Don"t make Comparisons

Don"t permit this incident mislead you right into thinking that your friend need to be far better than you. It"s simple to feel favor chopped liver, yet as castle say, beauty, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

The male you think is handsome can not believe that you"re his type. And another guy can think that your friend is okay looking, yet that you"re the cutest thing ever.

What renders Her Likable?

This isn"t to compare yourself, but rather much more like field research. Perhaps your friend is an ext easygoing than most girls or perhaps she"s more girly than the rather you all hang out with. If friend really desire a boyfriend, climate you need to be girlfriend material.

If the men you understand like their girls come be into football, climate you"ll have to learn come love it, too. This doesn"t typical you should readjust who girlfriend truly room - simply don"t isolate you yourself by not having anything in typical with the guys about you.

Be Honest

It could be tough or humiliating for you, yet being as ethical as girlfriend can assist everyone involved. Having to save your feeling to yourself is not fair come you or your friends. Discover the right time to an initial tell her friend how you feel about the guy that is now showing attention in her. If it"s appropriate, speak come the man you fancy, too.

Let him know that you preferred him an ext than a friend but didn"t have the courage to say anything before. Now you recognize that it"s as well late, and also you have embraced the way things are.

Set Boundaries

After coming clean around the emotions you"re experiencing, friend can collection boundaries regarding how things will be relocating forward. Maybe things room going to be easier for everyone if friend agree no to cave out with each other as often as you supplied to.

Just make sure that what you"re asking for is reasonable. If her friend cares about your feelings, she will certainly understand and be willing to respect the limits you"ve set.


Suppress negative Emotions

You will certainly feel every kinds of an adverse emotions that can swing indigenous one direction come another. At first, you"ll be on a carousel of anger, jealousy, sadness, and also other an adverse feelings. It"s really important the you"re maybe to stand up to acting on any of them.

It"s extremely likely the if you do, you"ll remorse it. At any time you feel overwhelmed with these feelings, take it a deep breath, take it time out, or perform anything else you can to assist allow the minute to pass. Eventually, that will gain easier.

Invest in Yourself

Let"s say that now, you have welcomed the sad situation, have involved terms v it, and also have encountered the emotionally baggage that came through the fact that your crush and your friend are currently a happy tiny couple. You need to stop thinking to yourself, mine crush likes mine friend. Instead, revolve your emphasis on yourself.

Investing in yourself means doing something for you now that will certainly make you a better person in the future. This might include analysis a self-improvement book, it might be a gym member at the hot brand-new fitness center, or it might be finding out a brand-new skill or hobby that will aid you end up being a an excellent baker or tennis player. You will certainly be a wonderful capture for the lucky male that likes you earlier in the future.

Get busy With other Friends

Hanging out through your BFF will most likely be awkward or upsetting sometimes. Take the push off her friendship by spending time hanging out through your other friends. Allow your BFF to have her time through her brand-new boyfriend if you acquire to have fun through your solitary squad.

Try come forget about what happened, and also avoid conversations like, mine crush likes my best friend.

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Find the One

Hopefully, if you"re able come follow every the advice described here, you"ll discover the guy that"s right for you in ~ the ideal time. It"s vital that girlfriend don"t let what you"ve been through makes you bitter, together that attitude will defeat anybody who could be interested in you.

Keep a light, happy heart with confident energy, and also you"ll be sure to entice your perfect partner!



Of course, feeling unwanted or betrayed hurts, however acting on these feelings is the worst point you deserve to do, as difficult as that could seem to stop doing in ~ the time. We must consider the feel of the civilization we care around as well as our own.

Learning to deal with an unfavorable emotions in a healthy way is a ability that will certainly serve you well your totality life. Not only will it help you to take care of this instance gracefully, but it will certainly also assist you come to be a better person for the male who will certainly love you for the wonderful woman you are.