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What is BIOS

Every computer system with a motherboard contains aspecial chip described as the BIOS or ROM BIOS (Read only Memory BasicInput/Output System). The BIOS has instructions on how to pack basiccomputer hardware. The BIOS additionally includes a test described as a short article (PowerOn self Test) which will certainly ensure that the computer meets needs toboot up properly. If the computer system does not pass the post you will obtain acombination that beeps indicating what is malfunctioning in ~ the computer.

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The BIOS has actually 4 main functions:

POST - Test computer system hardwareinsuring hardware is appropriately functioning prior to starting process of loadingOperating System.

Bootstrap Loader - Process oflocating the operation system. If capable Operating system located BIOS willpass the manage to it.

BIOS - Software / drivers whichinterfaces in between the operating system and also your hardware. Once running DOS orWindows you are using complete BIOS support.

CMOS Setup - Configurationprogram. Which allows you come configure hardware settings including systemsettings together as computer passwords, time, and also date.

What role does the BIOS beat with during the mechanism boot up?

How does device bootstrap

The device BIOS is what start the computer system running once you rotate it on. Thefollowing space the measures that a usual boot succession involves.

The inner power supply transforms on and initializes. The strength supply takes part time until it deserve to generate trusted power for the remainder of the computer, and having it revolve on prematurely could potentially lead to damage. Therefore, the chipset will certainly generate a reset signal to the processor (the very same as if you hosted the reset button down because that a when on her case) till it receives the Power an excellent signal indigenous the power supply. Once the reset switch is released, the processor will certainly be prepared to start executing. As soon as the processor very first starts up, that is suffering from amnesia; over there is nothing at every in the storage to execute. Of course processor makers understand this will certainly happen, therefore they pre-program the processor to always look in ~ the same place in the mechanism BIOS ROM for the begin of the BIOS boots program. This is normally location FFFF0h, best at the finish of the device memory. They put it over there so that the dimension of the ROM deserve to be adjusted without developing compatibility problems. Due to the fact that there are just 16 bytes left from over there to the end of conventional memory, this location just includes a "jump" instruction informing the processor wherein to go to uncover the real BIOS startup program. The BIOS performs the power-on self test (POST). If over there are any fatal errors, the boot procedure stops. Article beep codes can be uncovered in this area the the Troubleshooting Expert. The BIOS looks for the video clip card. In particular, it looks for the video clip card"s developed in BIOS program and runs it. This BIOS is normally found at location C000h in memory. The system BIOS executes the video clip card BIOS, which initializes the video card. Most modern cards will display screen information ~ above the screen about the video card. (This is why top top a modern-day PC you generally see miscellaneous on the screen about the video clip card before you watch the messages from the device BIOS itself). The BIOS climate looks for other devices" ROMs to view if any type of of them have actually BIOSes. Normally, the IDE/ATA hard disk BIOS will certainly be uncovered at C8000h and executed. If any type of other machine BIOSes space found, they room executed as well. The BIOS screens its startup screen. The BIOS does an ext tests top top the system, including the storage count-up test which you check out on the screen. The BIOS will generally screen a text error post on the screen if it encounters one error at this point; these error messages and their explanations have the right to be discovered in this component of the Troubleshooting Expert. The BIOS performs a "system inventory" of sorts, doing an ext tests to recognize what type of hardware is in the system. Modern BIOSes have many automatic settings and will determine memory time (for example) based upon what kind of storage it finds. Many BIOSes can additionally dynamically collection hard journey parameters and accessibility modes, and will identify these at roughly this time. Part will display a article on the display screen for each journey they detect and configure this way. The BIOS will additionally now find for and also label logical tools (COM and LPT ports). If the BIOS support the Plug and Play standard, it will certainly detect and also configure Plug and Play devices at this time and also display a article on the display for every one it finds. See here for more details on how PnP detects devices and also assigns resources. The BIOS will display a summary screen about your system"s configuration. Check this web page of data deserve to be advantageous in diagnosing setup problems, although it have the right to be tough to see due to the fact that sometimes it flashes on the screen really quickly prior to scrolling off the top. The BIOS starts the find for a journey to boots from. Most contemporary BIOSes save on computer a setting that controls if the system should first try to boot from the floppy disk (A:) or an initial try the difficult disk (C:). Part BIOSes will even let you boot from your CD-ROM drive or other devices, relying on the boot sequence BIOS setting. Having determined its target boot drive, the BIOS looks because that boot information to start the operating device boot process. If that is searching a tough disk, the looks because that a master boot document at cylinder 0, head 0, sector 1 (the an initial sector top top the disk); if it is searching a floppy disk, it looks in ~ the same resolve on the floppy disk for a volume boot sector. If it find what the is feather for, the BIOS start the process of booting the operation system, utilizing the info in the boot sector. In ~ this point, the password in the boot sector takes over from the BIOS. The DOS boot process is explained in information here. If the an initial device that the mechanism tries (floppy, difficult disk, etc.) is no found, the BIOS will then shot the next an equipment in the boot sequence, and also continue till it find a bootable device.

BIOS is a piece of program. When the systemstarts, the register EIP is initialized to FFFF0 to execute the JMP instructionthere, which leads to the execution the the mechanism BIOS code.

BIOS will initialize various other devices; initializethe interrupt vector; uncover other BIOS programs and run them.

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BIOS Extension


A method used to boost a computer"s speed by using high-speed ram memory in place of slower ROM storage (RAM is about three times as rapid as ROM). Top top Pcivicpride-kusatsu.net, for example, all code to control hardware devices, such together keyboards, is typically executed in a special ROM chip dubbed the BIOS ROM. However, this chip is slower 보다 the general-purpose ram that comprises key memory. Numerous PC manufacturers, therefore, configure your Pcivicpride-kusatsu.net come copy the BIOS code into RAM as soon as the computer boots. The RAM used to organize the BIOS password is referred to as shadow RAM.