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The skies is low — the Clouds are mean.

A travelling Flake of Snow

Across a Barn or v a Rut

Debates if it will certainly go —


A small Wind complains every Day

How part one cure him

Nature, choose Us, is sometimes caught

Without she Diadem.


‘O DREARY life,’ us cry, ‘O dreary life!’ 

And still the generations that the birds 

Sing with our sighing, and the flocks and also herds 

Serenely live while we are maintaining strife 

With Heaven"s true objective in us, as a knife 

Against i m sorry we might struggle! ocean girds 

Unslackened the dried land, savannah-swards 

Unweary sweep,—hills watch, unworn; and rife 

Meek leaves drop yearly indigenous the forest-trees, 

To show over the unwasted stars that pass 

In their old glory. O thou God of old, 

Grant me some smaller sized grace than pertains to these!— 

But so much patience as a tongue of grass 

Grows by, contented v the heat and also cold.


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Fragment: Rome and also Nature
Percy Bysshe Shelley

Rome has actually fallen, ye check out it lying

Heaped in undistinguished ruin:

Nature is alone undying.

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Hushed is the buzz that the loud world
Gecivicpride-kusatsu.nete Gissing

Hushed is the buzz that the loud world, 

Gently every bird come its house is flitting, 

The flags o"er the sun"s bright route are furled, 

Soon will certainly each flower v the dew be pearled 

As sleep it lies unwitting. 


Spell-bound is the ever-whispering air, 

For, gazing aloft whereby the stars room peeping 

In this holy silence everywhere 

Tired Nature speak in a enthusiasm prayer 

To Him who protects her sleeping.


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