“It’s like very first class for her feet,” Howie long says, breath a sigh that relief together he sit in, well, very first class, on an aircraft wearing Skechers wide-fit sneakers.

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The legend NFL room of Fame protective end, who included Sketchers brand ambassador to his résumé in 2016, stars in the footwear company’s brand-new commercial because that their large Fit sport shoe throughout the first quarter of supervisor BowlLII.

“Howie has been remaining comfortable attract Skechers broad Fit shoes on-set and on the sidelines covering the NFL top top Fox for the last 2 seasons,” said Skechers chairman Michael Greenberg. “He has a ring to show for his success to win in the supervisor Bowl, and also we’re dazzling to assist him stay comfortable ~ above the Skechers team a couple of decades later.”

Shot on one airplane, the commercial intends to to mark the calm comfort the Skechers wide-fit sneakers, special air-cooled memory foam.

Inthe an initial 15 seconds of the ad, i m sorry you can watch below, the 58-year-old is presented sitting in an uncomfortable middle seat before getting upgraded. “This is what i feel like when I wear regular shoes — cramped and uncomfortable,” the 6’5” former Raider says right into the camera.

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In the clip, Long have the right to be viewed sporting a pair of marine low-top sneakers with crisp white soles and also laces.

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