Proper fueling measures are very important in preventing onboard fires. Gasoline vapors are heavier 보다 air and can spread out rapidly right into enclosed spaces and also can reason explosions.

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By complying with the safe fueling precautions below, the probability the explosion have the right to be substantially reduced. Gasoline fumes space most most likely to accumulate in the bilge.The sniff check is the many effective technique for detecting fuel leaks.


Tip: constantly use the "one-third rule": one-third of her fuel to get out, one-third to get back, and also one-third in reserve.

Safe Fueling Precautions

Secure watercraft to the dock.Switch turn off engine(s).Extinguish all open up flames.Do no use electrical switches.No smoking.Close ports, hatches, and doors.Portable tanks should be refueled ashore.


Make certain all passengers are ashore.Determine amount of fuel required.Hold water tap nozzle firmly against fill pipe opening.Do no overfill. Avoid fuel indigenous falling into the water during fueling. This can injury the marine environment.Wipe up every spillage.Open ports, hatches, and doors come ventilate.Turn blower ~ above for 4 minutes minimum.Do the sniff test. Inspect for fuel fumes in the engine and also fuel tank compartment.Start engines(s).Re-board passengers.Untie from dock and cast off.

Protecting the Environment

It is not uncommon to view a small fuel sheen ~ above the water surface near boats. Although it may only it is in a small amount from some boats, the cumulative results can it is in damaging to marine life. Once in the marine environment, oils and also fuels have a propensity to accumulate in bottom sediments and also concentrate in marine organisms. This harmful substances commonly enter the marine atmosphere through bilge pumping or fueling. Don"t include to the difficulty by overfilling her tanks.

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Fuel conservation Tips

MaintenanceKeep the engine fine tuned.Use correct propeller and also check because that damage.Be sure engine is enough for boat.Use ideal oil mix in motor.Keep the hull clean to reduce friction.On the WaterDrain every water before leaving dock.Distribute load evenly and also don’t overload.Shut turn off engine as soon as at dock or in ~ rest.Make fewer turns so as to not rise motor load.Plane smoothly and quickly at take turn off then throttle back to cruising speed.Plan fishing spots front of time and use trolling motor because that minor alters in location.