If you"ve ever discovered yourself wonder what part of speech a native is, you"re not alone. In this lesson, we"ll check out how to answer the question and why that answer can seem a little bit confusing. You"ll likewise find a quiz at the bottom that the web page so the you deserve to test yourself together with a totally free PDF download. Jackpot!

Pop quiz, warm shot! Let"s say you"re at the grocery store deciding in between chunky and creamy peanut butter (tough choice) as soon as someone walks approximately you and also asks, "What component of speech is the word love?"

Obviously, the very first thing to perform is operation away indigenous this person. However then, your mind could linger on the question, and you could start come wonder Hmm...what part of decided is the word love anyway?

At that point, you would most likely think the some example sentences to figure it out.

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I love peanut butter. 

From this sentence, you can conclude that love is a verb due to the fact that you recognize that verb express action, and love is showing an activity in this sentence. Girlfriend wouldn"t it is in wrong, yet then you might think that this sentence:

Love because that peanut butter lugged me come the keep today. 

Wait a minute! Here, love is a noun. It"s an idea, and it"s the topic of the sentence. What"s the deal? How have the right to love it is in a verb and a noun?

Here"s a mystery about the parts of speech that many civilization don"t realize: 

Many native can duty as an ext than one part of speech.

They will just be act one part-of-speech project at a time, though. In our example sentences above, we deserve to see that love can be a verb and also a noun, and we can likewise see the it"s doing simply one of those tasks in each sentence.

How deserve to you number out what part(s) of decided a word deserve to be, and also how will certainly you recognize what the word is acting together in any kind of given sentence?

The an initial thing to do is to study the parts of speech and understand how they work. (You"ll find loads of information on each part of speech by adhering to that link if you desire to learn about them best now, and if girlfriend like discovering with lists words lists page gives you many, numerous examples that each part of speech.)

Here"s what you can do after ~ you have actually a sense of what the components of speech are and how lock work:

What part(s) that speech deserve to this native be?

Look up the word in a dictionary. Dictionaries will show you the possible components of speech that a indigenous can function as. You have the right to use a dictionary that"s an yes, really book, an virtual dictionary, or her device"s integrated dictionary. The dictionary will list each word"s possible component of speech, and it will give you interpretations for all of the definitions of a word within each component of speech. 

What component of speech is this indigenous in this sentence?

In stimulate to figure out exactly how a word is functioning, we must look at the word within the paper definition of a sentence. Look over her sentence, and then open up up your dictionary. Complement the definition of the word in your sentence through the many fitting thesaurus definition. Climate you"ll be able to tell what component of speech it is in her sentence.

Let"s look in ~ two instances of words acting as different parts of speech.

We"ll look at the indigenous for and also iron, and also we"ll see them exhilaration as different parts that speech. We"ll also take a peek at what the dictionary says for each word. 

What part of speech space the native in bold?

I asked for pie. 

I cried, for I knew that the pie was gone.

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1. Just listed below the word that you look up, you"ll discover a listing for a part of speech. The first listing is generally the most common means that the word is used. For is most typically used together a preposition. 

2. Next, you"ll find definitions of the word for each component of speech. If there is more than one definition, they"ll be numbered. Over there are numerous definitions for for together a preposition, and here you have the right to see two.

3. ~ the definition, you"ll frequently find an example of just how to use words as that component of speech and definition. You have the right to see the examples in italics.