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Click here to watch ALL difficulties on number Word ProblemsQuestion 272464: there is just one hopeful integer the is precisely twice the sum of that digits. What is this two digit number? uncovered 2 services by dabanfield, oberobic:Answer by dabanfield(803)
(Show Source): You have the right to put this solution on your website! over there is only one positive integer the is exactly twice the amount of that digits. What is this 2 digit number?Let x be the tens digit and y the ones number of the number. The number climate is10*x + 1*yWe are offered that10x + y = 2*(x+y)10x + y = 2x + 2y8x = ySince x and also y room both solitary digit integers x must be 1 and y then is 8.The number is 18. Price by oberobic(2304)
(Show Source): You can put this solution on her website! when we present numbers us usually execute not think about the deeper an interpretation of what castle represent. We merely "know" that 23 is twenty-three. Us think the symbol "23" is a unitary thing. But, in fact, the numbers have place values such that we have the right to say "23" means 2*10 + 3*1. So, the "2" and also "3" are simply standing beside one another, they room not multiplied..Now let"s think that the number "xy". Together a student of, girlfriend doubtless think the this together x time y.That is precisely the thinking that will expedition you up v number troubles like these. Proceeding the above example, we could say "xy" = 23, which way "x" is 2*10 and y = 3*1. The letters "x" and also "y" are simply standing beside one another..So we are told there is a hopeful integer that has actually two digits.

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We can contact it "xy".And we space told that the value of "xy" is specifically twice the amount of digits..Well, the amount of digits in the number "xy" is just:x + y.The worth of "xy" is10x + ybecause the "x" to represent the tens and the "y" to represent the ones..And us are offered the equation, namely the value of "xy" is precisely twice the amount of digis.10x+y = 2(x+y).Multiplying through10x + y = 2x + 2y.Subtracting y from both sides10x = 2x + y.Subtracting 2x native both sides8x = y.Now where do we go?.Well, we have the right to retreat to the reasonable of number that us know.If "x" were to be any type of integer greater than 1, climate "y" would be two digits.But "y" cannot be 2 digits because, through definition, we are told it is a single digit.Therefore, we logically break up x = 1And because we have shown8x = ythen we need to concludey = 8.Thus "xy" has to be 18, which way the value is 1*10 + 8*1 = 18.(Remember, they"re just standing next to each other, we"re not multiplying them.).The sum of digits is 1+8 = 9..Is the value 18 equal to double the amount of digits? Or mathematically, doesxy = 2(x+y).18 = 2*(1+8) = 2*9 = 18YES!.So the just positive TWO-DIGIT integer that is specifically twice the sum of its number is 18..Done.