What is momentum?Momentum is a measurement of massive in motion. Any kind of object that is moving has actually momentum. In physics, momentum of things is equal to the mass times the velocity.

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From this equation you deserve to see that both the velocity of the object and the mass have an equal affect on the quantity of momentum. Friend have more momentum as soon as you are running than when you space walking. Through the same token, if a car and bicycle room traveling down the street in ~ the same velocity, the vehicle will have an ext momentum.How to measure MomentumMomentum is commonly measured in kilograms time meters per second (kg*m/s) or newton-second (N s).Momentum is a VectorBecause velocity is a vector, inert is likewise a vector. This way that in addition to the size of momentum (which is given by p = m * v), momentum additionally has a direction. The direction of momentum is shown by an arrow or vector.
CollisionsWhen two objects bump into each other, this is dubbed a collision. In physics, a collision doesn"t need to involve one accident (like two cars crashing into each other), but can be any event where 2 or much more moving objects exert forces on each various other for a short period of time.Examples:One sphere striking an additional on a swimming pool tableA baseball bat hitting a ballYour finger striking the crucial on the keyboardCollisions and also the conservation of MomentumAn necessary theory in physics is the law of inert conservation. This law describes what happens to momentum once two objects collide.The regulation states that when two objects collide in a closeup of the door system, the total momentum that the 2 objects prior to the collision is the exact same as the full momentum the the two objects ~ the collision. The momentum of every object might change, however the complete momentum need to remain the same.Example:If a red round with a fixed of 10 kg is traveling east at a speed of 5 m/s and collides with a blue sphere with a fixed of 20 kg traveling west at a rate of 10 m/s, what is the result?First we figure out the inert of each ball before the collision:Red round = 10 kg * 5 m/s = 50 kg m/s eastBlue sphere = 20 kg * 10 m/s = 200 kg m/s westThe resulting momentum will be:Both balls = 150 kg m/s westNote: an item standing still has a momentum of 0 kg m/s.Interesting Facts about Momentum and CollisionsNo one is fairly sure why "p" is offered for momentum. It most likely came indigenous the Latin word "petere" which way "go towards". Castle couldn"t use "m" since that was currently used because that mass.A adjust in momentum is referred to as impulse.An elastic collision is one in i beg your pardon no kinetic energy is lost.An inelastic collision is one in which few of the kinetic power of the colliding body is lost. This is because the power is converted right into another type of energy like warmth or sound.The recoil the a gun is since of the preservation of momentum. The pistol moves back at a lower velocity than the bullet since of its higher mass.

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