Also, who is the Santa in Friday after Next? Santa Claus (played through Rickey Smiley) Is the key antagonist the the movie Friday after ~ Next.

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In respect to this, who is the Mexican man in next Friday?

Jacob Vargas

Who dram Pinky in Friday?

Clifton Powell Friday

Clifton Powell
Born March 16, 1956 Washington, D.C.
Nationality American
Occupation Actor
Years active 1981–present

ice cream Cube Craig Jones
John Witherspoon Mr. Jones
Anna Maria Horsford Mrs. Jones
Regina King Dana Jones
Paula Jai Parker Joi

Kym Whitley
Born Kym Elizabeth Whitley July 21, 1961 Shaker Heights, Ohio, U.S.
Alma mater Fisk University
Occupation Comedian, actress
Years active 1992–present

Christopher Tucker (born respectable 31, 1971) is one American actor and also stand-up comedian. That is well-known for playing the duty of Smokey
in F. Gary Gray"s Friday and as Detective James Carter in Brett Ratner"s rush Hour film series. He became a constant stand increase performer on Def Comedy Jam in the 1990s.
Sorry, next Friday is not available on American Netflix, however you have the right to unlock it right now in the USA and start watching!
He is the following door neighbor of job Day and also Uncle Elroy, and also lives through his brothers infant Joker and Lil" Joker and his sister Karla Joker. The is hinted come be regarded Hector.
Gender Male
Family Baby Joker (Brother) Lil" Joker (Brother) Karla Joker (Sister) Hector (Cousin)
Friends His brothers and also Chico

Regina King, the actress who
played Ice Cube"s sisters Dana, didn"t establish the expression came indigenous the 20-year-old movie till last fall.
Directed by F. Gary Gray
Produced by Patricia Charbonnet
Written by Ice Cube DJ Pooh
Starring Ice Cube chris Tucker Nia lengthy Tiny "Zeus" Lister Jr. Regina King Anna Maria Horsford Bernie Mac man Witherspoon

Friday After following
Country United States
Language English
Budget $10 million
Box office $33.5 million

The movie, which was made for an estimated $3.5 million and went on come gross $28 million, came to be such a left-field hit that it spawned two sequels.
Terry Crews. Terry Alan Crews (July 30, 1968) is one American actor and also former NFL linebacker who plays Damon Pearly in Friday after ~ Next.

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Three movies have been released. The first film, Friday, exit in 1995, was a surprise hit and garnered a cult following. The film"s success led it to receiving two sequels, Next Friday and Friday ~ Next, released in 2000 and also 2002 respectively. Friday (franchise)