1940 Jefferson Nickel Value

Mint Mark ar 1938-42 climate 1946-1968
5 complete Steps (FS)
1940 Jefferson Nickel Value depends on the condition, grade and if the actions are fully struck ~ above the structure (Full Steps), referred to as FS. So suppose to view a worth from 10 cents to $1 if uncovered in her pocket change in grades almost uncirculated (AU) or less, and also $2 plus because that uncirculated raw examples.

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1940 Jefferson Nickel worth graded and also certified MS63 FS is worth as much as $10 and in MS67 FS have the right to be worth up to $275. However, to obtain the greater values the coin must be graded by PCGS or NGC.

Price guides offer values loosely based on coins already graded or encapsulated through PCGS and NGC, and also rarely sample the values of raw, common and also circulated coins.

Jefferson Nickels space not silver yet consist mostly of copper with a balance of nickel that give them a “silver” appearance. The only exemption is in 1942-1945 and also they did contain 35% silver and 75%, however they must have actually the huge mint note on the ago and above the Monticello Monument.


Nickel Planchets (1938-1942) Designer: Felix Schlag (FS) In 1966 these initials were added below Jefferson’s Bust.Diameter: 21.2 millimetersMetal content: Copper – 75%, Nickel – 25%Weight: 5 gramsEdge: PlainMint mark: come the right that the building on the reverse None (Philadelphia), S (San Francisco), D (Denver).

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1942 through 1945 the mint mark was top top the reverse for the only silver nickels throughout the War-Time. No mint mark for 1965, 1966 and also 1967. In 1968 the mint note was relocated to the obverse and under the date.

1940 Jefferson Nickel 1940-D Jefferson Nickel 1940-S Jefferson Nickel 1941 Jefferson Nickel 1941 evidence Jefferson Nickel 1941-D Jefferson Nickel 1941-S Jefferson Nickel 1942 Jefferson Nickel 1942 proof Jefferson Nickel 1942-D Jefferson Nickel 1942-D end Horizontal D Jefferson Nickel war Time Silver content Jefferson Nickel 1942-P Jefferson Nickel 1942-S Jefferson Nickel 1943-P Jefferson Nickel 1943/2-P Jefferson Nickel 1943-P dual eye Jefferson Nickel 1943-D Jefferson Nickel 1943-S Jefferson Nickel 1944-P Jefferson Nickel 1944-D Jefferson Nickel 1944-S Jefferson Nickel 1945-P Jefferson Nickel 1945-P twin die reverse 1945-D Jefferson Nickel 1945-S Jefferson Nickel Nickel Planchet Resume 1946-P Jefferson Nickel 1946-D Jefferson Nickel 1946-D/Horizontal D Jefferson Nickel 1946-S Jefferson Nickel 1947-P Jefferson Nickel 1947-D Jefferson Nickel 1947-S Jefferson Nickel 1948-P Jefferson Nickel 1948-D Jefferson Nickel 1948-S Jefferson Nickel 1949-P Jefferson Nickel 1949-D Jefferson Nickel 1949-S Jefferson Nickel

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Liberty Cap fifty percent CentDraped Bust fifty percent CentClassic Head half CentBraided Hair half Cent

Flowing Hair large CentDraped Bust big CentClassic Head large CentCoronet Head large CentBraided Hair huge Cent

Flying Eagle little CentIndian Head little CentLincoln Wheat small CentLincoln Memorial tiny Cent

Two Cent Shield3 cent Nickel3 cent Silver

Shield NickelLiberty V NickelBuffalo NickelJefferson Nickel

Flowing Hair half DimeDraped Bust half DimeCapped Bust half DimeSeated Liberty half Dime

Draped Bust DimeCapped Bust DimeSeated Liberty DimeBarber Head DimeMercury Head DimeSilver Roosevelt Dime

Seated Twenty Cent

Draped Bust QuarterCapped Bust QuarterSeated Liberty QuarterBarber Head QuarterStanding Liberty QuarterSilver Washington QuarterState Washington Quarter

Flowing Hair half DollarDraped Bust fifty percent DollarCapped Bust fifty percent DollarSeated Liberty half DollarBarber Head fifty percent DollarWalking Liberty fifty percent DollarFranklin Head half DollarSilver Kennedy fifty percent Dollar

Flowing Hair DollarDraped Bust DollarSeated Liberty DollarTrade disagreement DollarMorgan DollarPeace DollarEisenhower Dollar

Susan B. Anthony DollarSacagawea DollarPresidential Dollar

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