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Professor TaylorEnglish 20303 November 2016

How would you describe the tone of this story? What does the tone add to your recognize of the story’s larger intentions?

The tone of the story have the right to be explained as bleak, however immensely rich withdescriptions. It quickly swings back and forth, describing the worst situations with wealthy adjectivesthat make also the many melancholy case feel bright through hope the it will be beautiful onceagain, which relates also further to the end of the story wherein the as soon as dying old guy spreadshis brand-new set that wings and also flies away.

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The earliest and also most pervasive assumption made around the old man is that he is one angel. Other than his wings, is over there anything angelic around him?

Other 보다 the old masculine wings, he seems to speak in an unintelligible language. Thenarrator loves come stress just how otherworldly the old male seems come be with the “lunar dust” and“stellar parasites” on his wings. The could also perform small miracles or superordinary oddities,such as making sunflowers bloom out of a leper’s sores.

How would certainly you characterize father Gonzaga? usage textual referrals to back up your conclusions.

Father Gonzaga might be described as a guy of the church, however the church can do somuch better. The does not seem to have actually a true look at religion, and is a minor personality thatdoes not get very fleshed out. Top top his arrival, he instantly desires to number out even if it is or notthe guy is one angel. “Standing through the wire, the reviewed his catechism in an instant and also askedthem to open up the door so the he could take a close look at the pitiful man who looked much more likea vast decrepit hen amongst the fascinated chickens.”

Consider the specific ailments that space assigned to the “most unfortunately invalids top top earth” (Paragraph 7). What seems to you to it is in the point of the author’s josh here?

The author’s josh of the “most unfortunately invalids ~ above earth” seems to be that theydo not truly have troubles. The woman who counted her heartbeats, the male who can not sleepdue come noisy stars, and also the sleepwalker that undid whatever was completed during the day allseem come suffer severe medical worries that have the right to not be fixed by the old man also if he had actually thepower to perform so.

What changes has the old man’s presence carried to the lives of Pelayo and also his family?

The old male presence lugged wealth to Pelayo and his family, and also might have actually helpedheal the youngest boy of the family. They to be able to quit their jobs and build a bigger hometo live in, treating the old male like an stroked nerves pet who ultimately flies away. He was nevertruly appreciated, however used and also manipulated to benefit Pelayo and his family.

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Given those changes, why is Elisenda happy to check out the old guy go away at the finish of the story?

Elisenda is glad to check out the old man go far at the end of the story because of herselfishness. After every one of the riches she gained and also the costume she bought, she never ever paid anyattention and also maintenance come the chicken coop the the old male resides in. Once he outlived hismonetary gain, she saw him together nothing an ext than a nuisance.