In a monarchy one emperor and king room both rulers, yet the power connected with castle is different. They can be contrasted to regional manager and the CEO of a company. An empire can have plenty of kingdoms in ~ it; the emperor rule the entire empire while queens (or queens) dominion smaller kingdoms in ~ the empire. While the king (like the local manager) has complete control end his territory, the emperor (like the CEO) is the one who provides the final decision because that the entire region.

This distinction is no universal. Over there are many examples in history where large kingdoms have been called empires but have to be ruled through a solitary monarch, a king or queen. For example, King George V, Edward VIII and George using were all kings of the joined Kingdom and also emperors that India.

Comparison chart

Emperor versus King comparison chart
EmperorKingFemale leader Source of strength Modern rulers About Divine status Power Politics
Empress is the woman form, who have the right to be the wife or mom of the emperor, or the leader of the empire.

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The female kind is known as Queen. She can be the wife or mom of the King, or leader of the Kingdom.
Inheritance or by conquest Inheritance, by conquest or elected
Today the Emperor that Japan is the only remaining emperor on the throne in the world. The King of Spain is one example.
An Emperor is the leader of one empire. An emperor is a (male) monarch, commonly the sovereign ruler of realm or another type of royal realm A king rule a kingdom, could be a component of an empire.
Emperors might be taken into consideration a God within their realm (as v the Emperor that China), or their magnificent status might be appointed by the elegant of God, (as v the holy Roman Emperor) Like Emperors, Kings might be taken into consideration Gods in ~ their very own Kingdom, conversely they might reign by the elegant of God.
The power of emperor is maximum, the whole empire is under his command. Most have lesser monarchs as vassels, sworn to them. Historically the strength of numerous Emperors was frequently less 보다 that of modern-day Kings. For some power of kings maximum in his kingdom, because that others they might be vassels come a better monarch. Some Kings, such as those in France and Britian ruled over far greater terretories than many Emperors.
Many kingdoms with their different policies and politics kind an empire, and also the ruler i.e. The emperor is the ultimate ruler of every the kingdoms. Each kingdom has actually its boundary and also it’s very own politics and also a king is the ruler that kingdom. Frequently a King will rule over numerous Kingdoms in a an individual union, some such together the monarchs of an excellent Britain likewise held the substitutiary title of Emperor of Indi

What is a Kingdom?

A kingdom is a state or province, which might be elevation or a component of a larger empire.

Empire and also emperor

When a king conquered his surrounding kingdoms and also united them every under his command, he came to be the emperor the his whole region, which to be now called an empire. So an Emperor has regulate over a substantial area and King’s power is limited.


An emperor had the highest possible power in the totality empire. He stood for the realm as a totality which to be further divided into additional kingdoms. Most emperors were engaged in battle during those times to expand their kingdom. Kings usually represented a larger system i beg your pardon had and also customs concerning succession, duties, and powers. The Emperor was the one who included the rules and also policies of the empire. The king in ~ the empire helped in implementing these rules.

Source that power

Traditionally, hereditary sequence within members of one family members has been the most common mode the electing a King while an emperor deserve to be chosen either through inheritance within the household or by defeating a King.


Today most of the kingdoms have actually been abolished, only a few like England tho remain. The only ruling emperor includes the emperor the Japan.

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woman ruler

A female ruler of a Kingdom is called a Queen when a female leader of realm is referred to as an Empress.