Toes optional. Not certain if "webbing" would certainly apply, since I'm pretty sure I don't have actually webbed fingers, yet there's still that tiny bit of interconnecting skin. Hell maybe my fingers are slightly-webbed, that knows. Weird.

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Anyway I got a slight reduced on one and also wanna drop a much more scientific summary of the on some friends. Any kind of ideas?


I've constantly heard that it as webbing, too. It's no implying the your fingers are totally webbed.

"I obtained a record cut on the bit of webbing in between my thumb and finger" would certainly sound simply fine.

Yeah, but any research around "finger webbing" winds up v photos of civilization with the actual webbed-finger disorder, v the unify together and also such. Thus trying to find a better term to define the common situation.

The plica interdigitalis, but it seems to have fallen right into disuse because that just internet of fingers/toes. Could likewise call that the interdigital folds.

I have actually no doubt that that's the technically correct medical term, yet I don't think the was ever "in use" in stimulate to autumn out of favor.

I don't know about that term, however if you want to sound scientific, you should know you begin off with webbed fingers and also toes. You lose that webbing during breakthrough in the womb, and your digits are "normal" and separated by the moment you're born. What's left in between your fingers space the cells the didn't experience apoptosis (cell death). There room birth defects where those cell don't die, and babies are born through webbed fingers and also toes, yet it have the right to be corrected v surgery.

Finger crotch.

I'm not being entirely flippant. This to be on an episode of "Bob's Burgers" and also now that's what I call it.

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However, I've had actually finger restoration surgery (when i was about 12) and had to have actually a skin graft to produce the webbing. "Webbing" is what the doctor called it.

Ever acquire a paper cut there, forget, burn it twice while food preparation with both rum and also salt? Then go on to relax and also be reminded the the pain you just tried to forget!?


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