In Homer’s Odyssey, setting determines plenty of of Odysseus’ challenges and becomes a far-ranging part the the story as the characters and events.

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While the story involves a journey that lasted over 10 years, the tale is told throughout the critical 6 main of Odysseus’ journey.

After the loss of Troy, the story takes ar when Odysseus sets the end to go back to his home in Ithaca. Exhausted of do war and anxious to return to his wife and child, Odysseus set off for his family, a journey the should have actually taken a few months at most.

Unfortunately because that Odysseus, numerous forces, both natural and also immortal, shackles his journey. Transparent the journey, he uncovered himself tested by immortal beings and the wrath of the very elements that earth and sea.

What Is the setup of The Odyssey?

You have the right to divide the setup of the Odyssey into three parts:

The location and also environment in i beg your pardon Telemachus’ role in the story takes place as he adheres to his coming-of-age path and searches because that his fatherThe location Odysseus is in together he relates his tale—during the moment he is in the court of Alcinous and the PhaeaciansThe locations in i beg your pardon the story Odysseus tells take it place

The epic is separated by time, place, and even viewpoint. Back Odysseus is the epic’s major focus, the does not enter the tale until publication 5.

What is the setting of the Odyssey in the first four books? The epic starts with Telemachus. It concentrates on his struggle to overcome the contempt that familiarity in his homeland. That is a young man recognized to the island’s leaders together a child and toddler. Athena involved his assist and assembled the island’s leaders to protest the suitors seek his mother’s hand.

Telemachus’ youth and also lack of was standing in his island home work versus him. In the end, recognizing the require for his father’s return and also protect Penelope indigenous an unwanted marriage, he traveled to seek aid in Pylos and Sparta.

There the sought news indigenous the allies the his father. In the new setting, whereby he came as a young man to those that knew his father best, his youth was much less disadvantaged.

He stopped very first in Pylos, whereby he was met v sympathy, but not much else. Native there, he traveled to Sparta to satisfy with King Menelaus and Queen Helen. In Sparta, he lastly gained success, learning from King Menelaus that Odysseus is held by the nymph Calypso.

He started earlier to Ithaca to obtain support to go and rescue his father. Readers space left v a cliffhanger v the suitors plotting to death the young heir to the throne.

Book 5 switched settings and points of watch to Odysseus. The sea nymph’s residence was a lush island, next site that provided a strong contrast with Odysseus’ desire to return residence to Ithaca’s stony island wherein his wife and also son awaited his return.

Rejoicing in his escape, he set out from Calypso’s island, just to be waylaid again through the vengeful sea-god Poseidon. Moved off course, he arrived at the island that Phaeacia, wherein he recounted the story of his travel to the king and queen in publications 9-12.

The Wanderings that Odysseus


In the conversation v King Alcinous, Odysseus described how he started his trip from Troy, wherein he and also the Aecheans had defeated Trojans and destroyed the City.

He cleverly led into the story by questioning a court singer come tell the Trojan equine tale, which listed him v a natural lead-in to the story of just how he concerned Phaeacia and also what happened along the way.

Upon leave Troy, lock traveled very first to Ismarus, wherein he and also his guys overtook the Cicones. Lock attacked and plundered the people, acquisition such food and drink and treasure together the seaside town contained and taking the females as slaves.

Odysseus’s men, having actually spent the last ten year of their stays at war, were identified to enjoy their ill-gotten gains. They satellite on the shore, enjoying your spoils and partying, despite Odysseus’ urging to go back to the ships and make off for home.

Some that the Cicones’ survivors fled inland. Lock gathered their neighbours’ forces and also returned, routing Odysseus’ guys soundly and driving them earlier to your ships and out to sea. This is the critical truly relaxed land Odysseus visited before he soil in Phaeacia.

The Odyssey settings varied from quiet, lush palace life to the horrors that the cyclops’ cavern to the Ithaca’s stony shores that Odysseus calls home. Each setup gave Odysseus another opportunity to existing a part of his personality or to reveal his skill and cleverness.

Upon leaving the Ciconess, Odysseus returned to the “wine-dark sea.” There, the setting once again rose, reflecting its strength as the sea showed a devilish host.

Storms sent by Zeus drove the ships so far off food they finished up landing in the remote land that the Lotus Eaters.

There, the guys were lured by the occupants into eating the fruit and nectar of the lotus blossoms, which caused them to forget the idea of walking home.

Once more, the lull of the lush setup contrasted through Odysseus’s desire to return home. Only by dragging them back to the ships one by one and also locking lock up to be Odysseus maybe to traction them far from the island’s appeal.

Odysseus walk on to recount do his worst misstep yet. His ships arrived on the Cyclops’ mysterious island, wherein Polyphemus recorded him and his men. The stormy terrain and also the cave that Polyphemus dubbed home do it difficult for them to escape if the cyclops kept watch.

Odysseus regulated to remote the monster and also escape v his men, however his foolish hubris in revealing his real name to his enemy carried down Poseidon’s wrath top top his head.

The journey Home: exactly how Does the setup Show Odysseus’ Character?


As Odysseus completed his tale in publication 13, therefore the reader left the most epic setup in the Odyssey:the sea and also the wild and also beautiful locations Odysseus visited on his travels.

Charmed by his tales, the Phaeacians agreed to aid the wandering king return to his homeland.

The final publications of the Odyssey take place in Odysseus’ homeland of Ithaca. He learned and grew throughout his travels, and he is a various man from the one that went boldly against the Cicones.

No longer is the the interlocutor warrior who marches in with numerous men and also ships to support him. He philosophies his beloved Ithaca v caution and enters one entirely brand-new setting: the house of a swineherd.

Odysseus’ noble demeanor contrasted v the humble hut of the servant where he has taken refuge. Eumaeus, a faithful slave, and Eurycleia, the nurse who cared because that him as a child, well-known him and pledged to take back his throne.

He rejoined with Telemachus, and also together they planned to conquer the suitors so that Odysseus can reclaim his throne. The Odyssey time duration setting the the bronze age added to Odysseus’s necessity to be known for his strength and also skill in battle. His cleverness was an additional advantage as he faced his final, and perhaps many personally taxing, challenge.

Coming home, Odysseus no only had actually to restore his lost honor and also place in his kingdom, however he additionally had to fight the suitors and convince Penelope of his identity. In the more familiar setup of his landscape of Ithaca, Odysseus’ strength and character involved the surface.

All that the obstacles he challenged had led him to this point. To complete his journey, that must challenge the suitors and also drive them turn off to reclaim his location as the leader of his home. Just then will Telemachus complete his very own coming-of-age as Odysseus overcome the island’s leadership on to his son.

In his homeland, Odysseus was recognized for his fantastic shows that prowess and strength. Penelope, quiet striving to ensure that if she were required to re-marry, she would obtain at least a husband worthy of Odysseus’s memory, set a contest. She demanded the the suitors be able to string Odysseus’s an excellent bow and also fire it with 12 axes, as he had done in the past.

Odysseus, in the familiarity that his homeland, regained his confidence. The alone had the ability to string the bow and also perform the demanded feat. When he had actually proven himself, he turned against the suitors and also slaughtered lock for their audacity and also the insults come Penelope.


The familiarity the the setting that his own house proves to be Odysseus’ final boon. Penelope demanded the her bed be moved from the bed-chamber she once mutual with she husband if she is to be wed. The need is a trick, one that Odysseus go not fall for easily. The responded that her bed might not it is in moved since one the the legs to be made the a life olive tree.

He knew this due to the fact that he had actually planted the tree and built the bed because that her. Finally convinced that she husband was went back to her, Penelope accepted him.

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Athena and Odysseus’ aging father, Laertes, made tranquility with the households of the powerful suitors who had sought Penelope’s hand, leaving Odysseus to pass the remainder of his days peacefully. In ~ the exact same time, Telemachus take away his rightful place as the heir and king the Ithaca.