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Max and also Kevin, the Freak, very first meet when they to visit the same pre-school.

Max"s House

Max stays with his grandfather and grandmother in your house. Max"s grandfather has do a room because that Max in the cellar. Kevin and also his mother come to Max"s home for Christmas Eve.

Kevin"s House

Kevin resides with his mom in a house a couple of doors under from Max"s house. Max and his grandparents come for dinner and cake in ~ Kevin"s residence for the Freak"s thirteenth birthday.

The Tenements

Max and also Freak return Loretta"s purse come her, which is stolen by Tony D. And his gang. Killer Kane bring Max over to the tenements after the kidnaps him.

The medical Research Facility

Freak tells Max that he is walk to be the first human in history to have actually a full body transplant; he will be receiving a completely robotic human body in a risky...

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