The reciprocal of 1/5 is 5. You deserve to prove this by multiplying 1/5 and also 5. If the price is 1 then the 2 numbers are reciprocals.

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What is a reciprocal and how carry out you uncover the reciprocal?

The definition of “reciprocal” is simple. To find the reciprocal of any kind of number, simply calculate “1 ÷ (that number).” for a fraction, the mutual is simply a different fraction, v the numbers “flipped” upside under (inverted). For instance, the mutual of 3/4 is 4/3. Any kind of number time its mutual will give you 1.

What is the mutual of 6 5 together a fraction?

The reciprocal of 6/5 is 5/6.

What is the mutual of 5 6 answer?

For a fraction, the mutual is the fraction with numerator and denominator interchanged. The is, the reciprocal of 5/6 is 6/5.

What is 0.5 percent together a decimal?


What is 12% together a decimal?


What does 5% look like decimal?

Because there is a one in prior you divide 5 through 1, i beg your pardon is just 5. Then you move the decimal point left through the number of zeroes, i m sorry is 2. For this reason 5.0 i do not care 0.05.

What is 0.6 together a fraction in most basic form?

0.6 is 6 tenths. 6/10 is the fraction type but you need to simplify so it i do not care 3/5.

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How carry out you create 0.5 percent together a fraction?’s decimal to portion calculator to uncover what’s an equivalent fraction for the decimal suggest number 0.005 or 0.5%….How to create 0.005 or 0.5% as a Fraction?


What is 150 100 as a percent?

Convert fraction (ratio) 150 / 100 Answer: 150%

What portion is 120 out of 150?


What percentage is 110 out of 150?


What is 150 together a percentage?

Percentage systems with steps: step 1: us make the assumption that 150 is 100% because it is our calculation value. Action 3: From action 1, it follows that $100\%=150$100%=150​. Step 4: In the exact same vein, $x\%=100$ x %=100​.

What is the decimal because that 150%?


What is 125 in a decimal?


What is 60% together a decimal?


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