Tumblr (an American microblogging and also social networking website) features some constraints that you as the user may not be conscious of. Before we talk about these limitations, here’s a tiny about what Tumblr is: Tumblr is a microblogging website established in the U.S.A by David Karp in the year 2007.

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As of now, it’s under the possession that Automatic. This website allows bloggers to make their personal/private blogs, and features that the website can be accessed through a dashboard interface. With that out of the way, the website does attribute some significant limitations, and also most individuals aren’t even aware of them. Also the number of posts every day is limited.

Now, you can find most that the limitations of Tumblr’s aid page, but there room some that have not been pointed out by Tumblr in ~ all. And also that’s wherein this short article comes in; fine be covering almost every limitation Tumblr features, therefore without further ado, detailed below space the constraints featured by Tumblr.


1. Major Blogs can not Be turned Private

The first limitation that we’ll discuss is not being able to turn your major blogs private. If for some reason, friend feel the the blog you post on the internet has some content that may not be appropriate to view, or encompass something friend don’t desire to be checked out by her viewers, girlfriend won’t be able to turn her blogs private.

So, once you’ve do your article public, girlfriend can’t do it private. On top of that, your article can’t be added to by plenty of authors. But this is wherein Tumblr’s secondary blogs come into play. Secondary blogs can receive contribute from many authors; plus, you additionally have to alternative to add password defense to that is content.

You can even post certain posts in the exclusive section, but you need to pick the option before posting it. Unlike primary blogs, you can post around 10 an additional blogs per day.

2. 250 Posts/Day Limit

On Tumblr, yes sir a limit to the total variety of posts that can be posted every day, for this reason you can only post about 250 articles before you reach the limit. It may seem favor this doesn’t apply to reblogs, or an additional posts, however the truth is, the does. Reblogs, cumulative write-ups on both main and secondary blogs, they all count. After ~ every day, the write-up limit is reset, for Tumblr, castle reset the limit after midnight (EST).

Once you’ve reached the limit, you deserve to either wait because that Tumblr to reset it, or queue your posts for the next day, so they’ll be instantly posted when the limit is reset, To figure out just how many short articles you have actually left, you can use the “Post border Checker”.

3. 50 Posts/Day Queue Limit

Yes, there’s even a limit to exactly how many articles you can queue per day. Many bloggers use this queueing function to avoid stacking posts, for this reason they don’t puzzle their followers. You can queue around 50 posts each day, i beg your pardon seems favor a reasonable amount; be affected by each other in mind the this does add to the 250 short article limit.

With that the end of the way, posts can it is in queued to be posted on different days, adding up come 300 write-ups in total. Be mindful of your short article limit, and how countless you have actually left, since if girlfriend queue much more than the 250 (per day) limit, you’ll shed the staying queued posts. So, if the happens to save the remaining ones come draft, you can queue them later.

4. Optimum-res in ~ 500X750 Pixels

To it is in fair, you deserve to still short article photos the exceed the optimum resolution, yet they’ll be regarded in a lightbox as soon as selected. So the best option is to save the resolution the the image you article to 500×750 pixels because that the ideal quality. This is the ideal option if girlfriend share short articles frequently on Tumblr; maintaining the photo resolution “500×750” pixels won’t scale down your post.

(Note: 150 out of the 250 (per-day) limit have the right to be picture posts)

5. Hefty GIFs Can’t Move

GIF size is also minimal in a way; while girlfriend can write-up “heavy” GIFs, Tumblr i will not ~ render them as one. In straightforward words, that way GIFs the exceed the supported dimension won’t move. The maximum document size that can be uploaded on Tumblr is 2 MB, and if a GIF/file exceeds the limit, Tumblr takes the very first frame and turns that into a quiet image.

If you short article GIFs fairly often, it’s ideal if you save the GIF dimension to the limit which was raised from 1 MB come 1.75 MB, and the resolution again demands to be in ~ 500 pixels. So, in short, make sure the GIF you posting no exceed the file size limit; if that does, conserve it in drafts, and try reducing its size before posting again.

6. Much more Than 5 Tags bring about Phantom Tags

The variety of tags can not exceed the limit, or they’ll turn into phantom tags. Because that those the you that aren’t mindful of it, tags keep track of things and administer a way to discover brand-new content. If friend attach much more than 5 posts on your post, only 5 the them will certainly be “clickable”, and also the remainder won’t contain a link, which will make them “Phantom Tags”.

Try holding off your comments until the fifth tag, if castle an integral component of your daily posts. You deserve to still look up the phantom sign on the website, but it won’t be together quick and easy as a typical tag. To find these types of sign in a better way, usage the URL stated below:



7. Just 20 Tags space Trackable

Some users like using tags come find new content, and upon looking these tags, you’ll uncover content related to that tag. Once you’ve tracked a tag, it’ll show you brand-new posts related to it as soon as you visit Tumblr again. Yet this function also attributes a limit. You deserve to track up to 20 tags in total, and reblogged write-ups cannot be tracked.

And because that tracking to occupational as intended, the recommended the you track only 20 tag anyways, and also if you want to include a tag, shot removing one that attributes the contents you’ve lost interest in. But, if you nothing care about the write-up count, you might track as many as you want.

8. 10 inquiries / Hour

If a user has actually a concern or is having actually trouble with a particular function, they have the right to use the “Ask” function to call your favourite blogger. You’ll need to permit Ask an initial before you deserve to utilize it. As soon as you’ve excellent that, you deserve to ask around 10 concerns per hour, and there’s also a character limit of 500.

If you have actually a question that can’t wait, girlfriend can shot contacting them through “Fan Mail”, however they might take longer. Pan Mail doesn’t function a character limit though, so it can be as long as you want it to be, however as us mentioned over Fan letter takes much longer to “process”.

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And you deserve to only send fan Mails as soon as you’ve followed the user for more than 48 hours/2 days.

These room all the constraints you’ll confront while utilizing Tumblr. Us hope you uncover this post useful; if friend have any kind of further queries, you have the right to let us understand in the comments down below, and we’ll try to respond to as plenty of of you as we can!